April 17, 2011

Review: The Oriental Gold BB Cream

Final Thoughts: 

I really like the packaging, it's very elegant with gold and lavender, though its difficult to control he amount that comes out.

The consistancy of The Oriental Gold BB cream reminds me of a thick gel moisturizer, but light on the skin. It absorbs quickly and provides good coverage.

It has a bit of a pink/grey undertone to it so it might not match skin perfectly, and there is quite a heavy scent which can put people off, like it did me. 

Overall though, I liked this product and enjoyed the dewy skin looks it gives me. I do however mix it with other foundations/BB creams to make it match my skin better. I would buy this again.

Final Score: 

 *I bought this particular product from Bello-Girl, she was very prompt, the package arrived 3 days early,, and sweet! She wrote me a little personal note to thank for the purchase, and 2 free samples.

* I would also like to mention, that for this review I was heavily influenced by Pony's review's set up. I really enjoy how she lays out her reviews and tutorials, please check her out if you dont know who she is. 

January 21, 2011

Before And After Makeup

I Recently got into Gyaru style, more natural version though for sure! So i deceided to do a before and after makeup picture. It's fun to see what people can do with makeup! Just a little lighting correction in photoshop!

This one shows the true condition of my skin better (or for worse?). I have a lot of hyper pigmentation and redness on my face unfortunately.
And my one feeble attempt at a candid shot...  Its hard to do that when you are taking the pictures of yourself...

Ah this post is so shameless.. .But I hope you enjoyed it! I am busy working on other posts, but its difficult! I'm definitely not used to it!

Please comment, and enjoy!