March 18, 2012


OKAY! This is dedicated to weight and weight loss. Everyone on the internet, especially whiny girls, ex. me, on tumblr constantly complain about being too fat, not being in shape enough, eating too many calories, blah blah blah....

1)I’d much rather have a body im proud of and love, that ive worked hard for, then be meh on a body that takes no effort, and bitch about how i dont have a good body. you know people like this or you are a person like this. you have the ability to get the fuck up, work out, and diet. OBVIOUSLY everyone is born with different metabolism rates and medical conditions, but most the people who claim this are self diagnosed, and only 10% truly suffer from a metabolic/medical problem. What really gets me pissed? THE PEOPLE WHO SAY THEY CAN NEVER GET A VICTORIA SECRET MODEL/ACTRESS BODY! you know how actresses and Victoria Secret Models get their body? THEY WORK OUT AND EAT RIGHT!

2)I LOVE MY CURVES. no slut no. okay, so yes I'm all for being PROUD of your body, and your size and shape! ALL FOR IT! but no. you are saying being overweight is okay and justifying it. its like…why? you have NO problem exercising.. see point one. those who say they cant work out or dont know how or cant eat right because of family. instead of eating out save up for healthy foods. 

3)WELL MARILYN MONROE WAS CURVY AND A SIZE 12!! ever heard of vanity sizing? its when corporations say a size 4 is actually a 2. its been going on for years, and its to make people feel better about the size they are buying. for example old navy called it a  36 inch belt.. and honestly? it was 41. but H&M is actually honest to size giving about one extra inch. so just assume that MM was an H&M 12.. doesn't seem as big not does it?  nope.

4)BMI. we’ve skewed the US BMI index for more vanity, again. where we consider 18-22 underweight but in japan its considered normal. 23-24.9 in japan is considered overweight, but in the States its considered normal… granted there are different body types but USA has a life expectancy average of 75 where japan has 80..
So before people get super pissy about me talking about over weight people and stuff:
Here is my body from February 4th 2012.
Height: 64.6 Inches/164 CM
Weight at the time of the picture: 142 LBS/64 KG

Granted i have a lot of muscle, I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS! So I'm now working to get the body I want in a healthy manor.
Eating when I'm hungry- vs waiting till I'm super hungry then gorging, Water, Cutting out mindless snacking, looking for healthy substitutes.

I have a long way to go, but if I'm gong to preach about people and weight I should take a look at myself as well right?



  1. Hey, I just stumbled across your blog (and have commented on your most recent post) but I'm literally the same exact height as you (to the cm) and about the same weight, and I definitely share the same opinion! I eat healthier than the average American, so most of my friends don't understand why I'm trying to clean up my diet, but just because my BMI is normal according to a Western standard doesn't mean I'm actually a healthy weight - I definitely could afford to lose 15lb of fat!

    There's an interesting Jezebel article about MM's size here:

    The first pair of jean shorts I wore (in middle school) was my mother's from ~25 years ago. They were size 9 and fit me perfectly. I went out to buy another pair and found that I comfortably fit a size 3. Vanity sizing is ridiculous! My mom said that when she first came to the US (30 years ago), she could wear a size 2-4 (she's 5'2" and 95lb). Now she has to look for 00, or 0 if she's okay with it fitting a little looser.

  2. I'm actually really excited I'm down to 136 lbs/61.5 KG :D and yes yes 100 times yes. Ive noticed the ones who tell me don't loose weight you're fine are the ones that need to loose it and the ones who say go for it if that's what you want are the fit ones lmao Good luck with those 15 lbs!

    I think vanity sizing is disgusting. we are pretty much letting people be okay with getting fatter.

    Thank you so much for the comments :)

  3. Hey dear <3
    I'm currently on a diet as well and your post just gave me another kick to not give up and keep going. let's do it the right and healthy way and show those whiny bitches that there ALWAYS is a way to accomplish what you dream of!

  4. I like your blog and makeup looks and such a lot, and I commend you on you weight loss but... well, while I agree people shouldn't complain about their size when they do nothing in their power to alter their situation, (i.e. be whiny) I kinda disagree with you about some of your comments.

    It IS okay if people want to be bigger. It's not right to shame someone for being fat. Whatever makes them happy. People should be happy and comfortable with their body, not shamed for not conforming to the 'norm' (because there is no real norm). If for you, you're happy working out, kudos. And as you've found out working out, eating well, is different from JUST being thin. Being thin isn't automatic health.

    It was pretty damaging to me growing up to hear comments like yours about my body, and assume it was less than or not as good as someone's who was thinner. My thighs always touch. It's just the way I'm shaped. I could lose a ton of weight and never have a gap there. And I'm much more hourglass than you are; my shoulders are much narrower, but my hips bigger. And that's ok. Because my body shape is what it is, and it will never change shape. And it's great. But your body is great too. There's nothing wrong with it, or it's musculature. There is no 'right' way for your body to look; there's just what makes you happy and feel good in your skin.

    When I was a teen, comments like yours from people I knew, really damaged me. They made me feel ugly and worthless. This lack of confidence has permeated my entire life. I would hate for my daughter to ever be made to feel the way I felt, by others, growing up. So be mindful of the image you project to the world.

    Also, while I agree with you on the non-standardized sizing, it's only because it's a pain and a gimmick and it makes it harder to find my size. I'd rather go with standard sizing so it makes it easier, and it doesn't breed a culture of denial. But IS okay if people get fatter. It has nothing to do with you, what they do with their life and their bodies. Even if they want to hurt themselves, people should be free to do that.

    I used to view being skinny in a similar way to you, and I lost a LOT of weight. I'm 40lbs less, but.... I'm still no happier, though-- I do feel better in ways but, in fact, my relationships have kind of suffered in a way. People who hung out with me before were way less shallow, they liked me for me. From a dating point of view, it's made things harder for me. People treat me differently, but anyone that would judge me on my weight wasn't worth me getting into their pants anyway-- and I have problems weeding those kind of creeps out now. In a way, being fat was an awesome way to filter shallow people out.

    After I lost all the weight, I sat there and began to scrutinize other stuff. My skin, my big nose, that's when it clicked for me... my body is already great. I'm already worthwhile, and beautiful. And super hot. And I was wasting my life feeling bad about myself. Nitpicking all my flaws.

    And I changed my view after reading that girls article on tumblr-- the one where she posts a pic of her body and calls out her fat shamers. Also reading articles by a fat blogger called Lesley, and other articles about weight issues on xojane:

    Now my goal is to be happy, healthy (whatever that means for me) and to live without making myself feel bad. It's a better goal than I had before, at least in my case.

    FYI -- the whole "fat is bad!" thing-- it's not as clear cut as that, studies from Japan are actually show that chubby people actually live longer than those who are thin or very thin.