February 06, 2013

Weightloss - Before and After

I've mentioned on my blog a few times that i am particularly self conscious of my weight and that i was taking some steps to really try and change but as much as i talked i really had a hard time committing.

specifically : You Don't Have to Be Fat

It was when i changed schools around September that i really started thinking to myself, i want a change. I was no longer just alright with my body, i was upset. So i started making some dietary changes like cutting back on snacking and trying to cut out as much sugar as i could. 

Granted i still indulge like if someone offers me 200 grams (.5 lbs) of good chocolate that will be GONE in 10 minutes, or a bowl of ramen like once a month... but chips and soda on a regular basis was done for. I also would do work outs while i watched television and would try and go for a regular walk.

When i was accepted into the NYU florence program i told myself i wanted to be 122 lbs by the time i left (1/22 LOL) Now... this was unrealistic and i knew that but it gave me something to work for. 

So I'm here and i hit 129 lbs (58 kg) which i am beyond ecstatic for and today on Febuary 6th 2013 I took a body shot and i realize that it was pretty much exactly a year since the last body shot on my blogger so:

Photo #1- 5 ft 5 inches (165 cm)
142-145 lbs/ ~66 kg
Age: 18
Taken: Febuary 4th 2012
Photo #1 - 5 ft 5 inches (165 cm)
129 lbs/ 58 kg
Taken: Febuary 6th 2013

I consider my blog like a diary (with promotions and sponsors LOL) but i was so excited and proud + i still do get requests on what i eat and stuff so i had to share/brag/be excited for myself and post this



  1. oh wow!! you lost a lot of weight! cheers to that! im trying to get rid of my thigh fats, love handles, and belly fat which are areas that are just too hard to get rid off -_-

  2. i like it


  3. Oh my gosh! Your tummy is absolutely perfect! I'm super mega ultra jealous D:

    I want a nice body, but you know...food T_T

  4. First of all congrats you for the loss a lot of weight. I think you can write to be an inspiration for those people who want to lose your weight.