February 06, 2013

Weightloss - Before and After

I've mentioned on my blog a few times that i am particularly self conscious of my weight and that i was taking some steps to really try and change but as much as i talked i really had a hard time committing.

specifically : You Don't Have to Be Fat

It was when i changed schools around September that i really started thinking to myself, i want a change. I was no longer just alright with my body, i was upset. So i started making some dietary changes like cutting back on snacking and trying to cut out as much sugar as i could. 

Granted i still indulge like if someone offers me 200 grams (.5 lbs) of good chocolate that will be GONE in 10 minutes, or a bowl of ramen like once a month... but chips and soda on a regular basis was done for. I also would do work outs while i watched television and would try and go for a regular walk.

When i was accepted into the NYU florence program i told myself i wanted to be 122 lbs by the time i left (1/22 LOL) Now... this was unrealistic and i knew that but it gave me something to work for. 

So I'm here and i hit 129 lbs (58 kg) which i am beyond ecstatic for and today on Febuary 6th 2013 I took a body shot and i realize that it was pretty much exactly a year since the last body shot on my blogger so:

Photo #1- 5 ft 5 inches (165 cm)
142-145 lbs/ ~66 kg
Age: 18
Taken: Febuary 4th 2012
Photo #1 - 5 ft 5 inches (165 cm)
129 lbs/ 58 kg
Taken: Febuary 6th 2013

I consider my blog like a diary (with promotions and sponsors LOL) but i was so excited and proud + i still do get requests on what i eat and stuff so i had to share/brag/be excited for myself and post this