March 07, 2013

Circle lens Obsession/Wishlist

When I left for Italy i left my small but growing collection of circle lenses home. I thought i wouldnt use them or that it would be impractical.. I didnt want to be too high maintenance but my roommates are so relaxed its a shame.
I also left my lashes ): and im in gyaru makeup mood right now so i'm just stalking gyaru makeup blogs and crying

 pictures coming soon from school/life :) its been a bit rainy and I am studying hard so it's difficult

BUT! before i left a particular lens caught my eye and in between my studying I've been STALKING these lens online so i decided to make a wishlist (or maybe just a  more updated/organized) one

Circle Lens
 Dueba Puffy 3 Tone - Green
Geo Nudy Gray
EOS MAX Pure Brown
Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate/Almond/Apple Green/Sesame Grey

Let me know what lens you are lusting over or maybe your favorites? i am always on the search for "the lens"