May 29, 2012

Going to be gone for the month. I will have Internet and stuff but im going to be about Europe!

Places I’m going to be:
  1. Stuttgart Germany - 2 Days
  2. Geneva Switzerland - 2 Days
  3. Paris France - 8 Days
  4. Brussels Belgium - 1 Day
  5. Amsterdam Netherlands - 3 days
  6. Copenhagen Denmark - 3 days
  7. Oslo Norway- 14 days

May 21, 2012

Saturday Busy!

So Saturday I was SO busy running around! Why? Well, my baby cousin graduating, hair cut, and then meeting up with friends visiting from Norway.

So it was my baby cousins graduation

She does Hula and she was kind of "inducted into the family." It was a very cute and hour long ceremony. Not bad at ALL!

BUT I HAD TO WAKE UP AT 6:45 IN THE MORNING. owch!! An hour for makeup (vaiiiinnnnnn) And then an hour and a half drive to Los Angeles Area. And I've been so busy busting my ass to make grades my sleeping schedule is ALL out off. So i got 3 hours of sleep that night.

I slept the whole car drive haha and then the ceremony was really hot. They had a potluck after and the food might have been good when it was set up but it had been out for an hour and so it was.. just.. sad. But the fruit was good so that's what i did!

Jello From the potluck
We had about 2 hours to kill before the hair appointment so my parents indulged me and took me to Little Tokyo so i could buy my false lashes...


I peeped my head inside of the store MAKE ASOBI. They have a lot of really cool cosmetics and skin care from Japan, such as the Cure Aqua Peeling Gel!... AND OH MY GOD!!!

THEY HAD ALL OF CANDY DOLL!!!!! I went crazy... *prepare for reviews in the future* I've never seen candy doll sold in the United States in store! They had all of Tsubasa's Lipglosses, Blushes, Highlighters, Powders, Foundation, Base, and I'm fairly certain they had concealer too.

And the shop workers were SO friendly <3

And then i went to Maneko Neko (next to Sanrio) has Tsubasa's Eyebrow stuff and new lashes. FOR CHEAP MAN! Dolly wink Lashes were 15 Dollars. SO NICE!!!

Then we went to Demitasse, a lovely little coffee shop.

THEY PUT SO MUCH EFFORT INTO EACH CUP! PRESENTATION IS AWESOME. And all the guys working there are SUPER stylish and friendly and it was just awesome. AMAZING coffee and beautiful experience.


I've decided to grow my hair out again... TO DYE PASTEL PURPLE/LILAC LATER! ;D

And then we went to Katsuya in Santa Monica. I have no pictures because the lighting was dim and....

I was surrounded by 3 Norwegian bombshells. They were so polite and sharing their food and like oh im so full!... WHILE I WAS SHOVING DOWN FOOD. They shared a banana crepe.. WHILE I ATE A CHOCOLATE CAKE BY MYSELF. LMAO;;; I EVEN SHARED!

And super fit, dainty features, super friendly, tinkering laughs, clear voices... I felt so barbaric and fat compared to them lmao...

It was an awesome day though :) and they invited me out to see them this summer when I'm in Norway!... SEE WHAT I MEAN ABOUT SUPER FRIENDLY? HOW THE FUCK DO THEY DO IT?


May 16, 2012

At Least im updating..?

Who I am v.s Who i want to be 
*Warning: Contents of this post will probably cause you to judge/side eye me** 
As a teenager i feel like there is always the battle:
Who you are V.S who you aspire/want to be.

I would love to be “that chick”. Pastel hair, legs longer than the rest of my body, slim/fit, awesome style (aka always looking like i just came out of an urban outfitters ad or American Apparel), awesome music taste, and always just calm and cool, not obnoxiously loud and goofy. okay.. so honestly, im just describing tumblr hipster but yeah, thats who I want to be.

So whats stopping me? Other than the obvious my-legs-will-never-be-longer-than-the-rest-of-my-body-because-i-was-just-not-that-fortunate-with-my-anatomy.

Why dont i just loose the weight? Choose better clothes? Dye my hair? Try and contain my loudness?
I have two excuses:

1) Ive tried. In the depths of my closet I have those hipster clothes that id LOVE to wear but i dont. It’s just not me. (Its who i want to be.. see wat i did thur?) In fact in the morning i put them on and right before im about to head out the door i change into jeans and a basic t shirt. And there are some things i just cant change. Like my personality and music taste. I cant help that i’m extremely emphatic, or that quite often im bitchy.. no i could help that but i choose not to i get super pissy when i do. and I cant help that my general music taste consists of musicals…

2) See one. Kind of. It just doesnt look right and i feel very limited. I live in a small town and im around the same people day in and day out. I feel so boxed in to staying who i currently am. I want to loose weight people tell me OH YOUR FINE THE WAY YOU ARE. I want to dye my hair? OH DONT DO THAT! I wear a skirt “OH MY GOSH THE APOCALYPSE”

But honestly, why does that stop me? It shouldnt and i know that but its so difficult trying to change an image ive created in the past 15 years.

Well Enough of this shit. Im going to. No more of these basic shirts, no more feeling fat days, Anyone can look the way i do - its basic, It takes effort to look a way and i want to. Fuck this. 

Start with the look. I will probably never be the epitome of cool but at least i can look the way i want.

-A Bunny With Motivation To Change

May 14, 2012

General Stress

Today in the mail I got a running a red light ticket in the mail.
It will be 480 bucks - hopefully i can get a reduction by going to the hearing for the case.
I dont have enough money to cover it right now so i have to work odd jobs which is cool but it seems i wont have much spending money for when im in japan now. FUCK.

I also have my math final exam tomorrow. I need at least an 88% or better to pass the class with a B. It is worrying me. A lot. Like 200 Grams of chocolate worrying... or 1160 Calories worth or worry.... 

I shouldnt have been stubborn and i should have changed math classes when i had the chance. I shouldnt have tried to make the yellow/red light. I was rushing to get to a class i didnt know had been canceled. 

Feeling mildly puke-y now, though not sure if its from the chocolate, stress, or both.

C'est La Vie right?  仕方がない.. Hindsight 20/20 all i can do is learn from this. And try and earn/save my money. And create a nest egg for the future. 


-A stressed out bunny

May 12, 2012

Circle Lens : Outtake

So I almost always end up taking way more photos than I actually use. Especially for like makeup/review stuff. I get bored taking photos of just the same thing so I try and go all... artistic?

So these are the photos I don't use but take and like. I hope you enjoy my shameless camwhoring.

 Obvious edit is obvious. Okay so I doubled the layer here and desaturated and put to multiply.

Well yeah.. I'm cool. meh. All lens provided by Geocolouredlenses.

Geo Princes Mimi Apple Green Review

Geo Angel Brown Review


May 11, 2012

Day 2 in Palo Alto

For Day One: [x]

So the second day I had the day pretty much all to myself....

To be honest I laid in bed and read. For like 8 hours. At one point i did go out to meet up with my parents for lunch/coffee. If anyone is wondering I am half Japanese and Half Norwegian. I got this awesome picture of my Daddy's eye at the coffee shop

I wish i had gotten his blue eyes. Mainly because it'd be such a unique combination. 1 in 4 chance?

And then I went exploring a little. I had been planning at lounging at the pool most the time but it wasnt quite right.... I think because there had been a rain and thunder storm the night before?

Regardless I took photos because it was such a photogenic place.

Seems straight out of an ad or something right?

Well then we went to a Japanese restaurant. We were dining with my cousins and their father. To be fair they arent my first cousin - they are cousins from my Islander Japanese side. Everyone is cousin.
Prepare yourself for food porn

Not quite sure what this was.. a blend of stuff- it was offered to us and the in the cup was bonito drink thing. not my deal but tasty enough.

 SASHIMIIIIII! oh my god. MELT IN YOUR MOUTH. After there was this mushroom rice but photo was blurry.

 Pallet cleanser! It was REALLY good. Finely grated ice with yuzu. YUM

 This was the main dish. I'll admit it wasnt my favorite. Good but not like OH MY GOD. The met was actually really thin and rolled up and i just didnt get it.

Dessert! This was Sakura Mochi with sweet Bean paste and Matcha/green tea. so The mochi was actually savory and you eat it with the bean paste. it was surprisingly good and the mochi was handmade that day so super gooey and perfect. the tea was ridiculously strong. it turned my mouth temporarily green actually!

This looks like regular chocolate right? ACTUALLY! its Tofu chocolate! sounds gross in my opinion but it was RIDICULOUSLY creamy and very full flavor but not like like too rich. PERFECT way to end the meal.

OHHHH MY GOD. I want to live there. It was SO GOOD. like.... this was AUTHENTIC Japanese food.

So i have no more photos to share, but ill briefly describe what i did on the third and fourth day. On the third day my cousin and his wife invited to drive me into San Fransisco for the day.

There was the cherry blossom festival and it was so cool. Afterwords they let me go to Baby the Stars Shine Bright. My eyes were ALLLL sparkly hahaha We then went to the mall thing? I bought some cute stuffed animals.
*iphone pic*

and then we went to Yank Sin. Okay, if any of you go to the Bay area. go there. It has amazing service and dim sum. I wasnt even hungry but I ATE yo.

Then we went for a walk to digest and go back home. Then i kind of had a melt down not gonna lie. I got really stubborn and tired and cried and it was just hideous. kind of embarrassed of that. on the fourth day we just went home

To be honest it was the PERFECT trip to just unwind and take a break before school started again. My only regret: NOT ENOUGH CAKE.


May 10, 2012

Day One in Palo Alto

So like...  3 weeks ago I went up to Palo Alto/Silicon Valley/San Fransisco for the weekend! and because I'm a lazy blogger/school I'm only getting around to blogging about it now. Actually when I found out about my acceptance into the Japan Program was my first evening there!

I was good about pictures for the first two days and then I stopped. I didn't want my experience to be hindered by living behind the lens! I also felt bad about imposing on my family by taking like a million and a half photos though the insisted they didn't mind....The hotel We stayed at was the 4 Seasons. It was beauitful.. though just off the freeway.

The first night we ate at this AMAZING Vietnamese restaurant- Tamarine

The  flavors were SO clear and unique but at the same time they blended beautifully. It was truly a food experience.

The only unfortunate part were these two men sitting next to us. They were business men who had too much to drink and trying to one up each other. All the while not talking with each other but to each other. how they were flirting with the hot intern at work though they were married. Let me tell you, those girls werent flirting they were trying to tell them bugger off creep...

At one point it almost got to much and i wanted to walk over and tell them to act like self respecting adult men, stop drinking, go home and love their wives and daughters because quite honestly they will be the best thing to ever happen to those fucker. They will never surpass the amount of glory they had in High school and should stop acting like horny idiots and behave like Men. Angry...

The highlight of the meal was definitely the chocolate lava cake. like. OH MY GOD.

I definitely went home and just CRASHED after this full meal. 

May 04, 2012

The Apple of my Eye - Geo Princess Mimi [Advertorial]


These Lens were generously sponsored by Geocolouredlenses!

Geo Princess Mimi - Apple Green WMM-303 

Brand: Geo
Power Range: 0.00~ -8.00
Diameter: 15.0mm
Water Content: 38~42%
Base Curve: 8.7 MM
Life: 1 Year or 4 months with Regular use

Geocolouredlenses Provides free standard international shipping on any order up to 5 pairs, and free express international shipping on all orders of 6 pairs or more!

They have also provided me with a very generous 10% discount code! Use momodoki10 when you're checking out
-No expiry date
-No use limit 

Bad indoor lighting sorry!

I had actually had these lens about a 2 weeks prior to writing this but one of the lens was defective, it felt like it was scratching my eye and it felt sensitive even after i took it out.. The Princess Mimi Collection is known to have quite a lot of defects (not Geocolouredlenses fault at all) and i contacted them. They were SO helpful and kind thought and immediately sent out a replacement. I received it about 3 days before they said.

Design:  Quite Beautiful to me! I've been wearing these the past couple of days and its just like - i look in the mirror and am so happy! SUPER DOLL! Some people though think its kind of creepy in person- people not used to circle lens look.  I love the gradient and the limbal ring! Though it looks spiky SUPER up close i don't think it looks as obvious in person.

Comfort: I Forgot i was wearing them with in 5 minutes. I was a little apprehensive because i had had a defective lens at first and wasnt 100% with wearing contacts still. But once I used the new lens and im now used to lens- SO GOOD! I have VERY dry eyes and I wore these for 6 hours without needing eye drops completely unaware of them till the 30 minutes end of 6 hours. 

Enlargement: Almost Alien? Because of the dark outer ring it makes it seem smaller than the lens but i think its a nice balance because it is 15 mm. I probably wouldn't suggest these though without makeup.

Overall:My go to lens currently of my 2 sets. I LOOOOVE love love love the gradient and the blending. The pigment of the lens is beautiful and not SUPER obvious in natural light but definitely there. I now want the whole princess mimi set. seriously- these are amazing. I think the only downside is this collection has been known for having defects in the lens.


 Hope this has either entertained, or informed/helped you!


May 02, 2012

Small Update + BRB

Hey guys! So just a quick little thing, 

About a month ago I signed up for a website (bloggers). Its a sign up basis and free and it helps categorize and sort your blog and help when people are searching.

Well I was featured as the Editors Pick of the Day! Awesome MAX! Didnt expect it at all! Especially because I've only been signed up for a month or so. Now people are adding me like crazy. ON THERE.. Also, I got way more congrats than page views.. but WHATEVER..

To be honest I'm very grateful I just found this observation quite funny.

In other news: BRB! Till May 15th. School finals and I  want to make sure I pass my classes! I'm not doing as well as I'd like in Math (80%) and so I'm going to really settle down and focus. 

I will still try and make some posts but they will be less diligent.. And probably more pure text and ranting.. at odd hours.. cramming math homework into my brain. 

ALSO: I'm still debating going to Japan this summer. I REALLY want to go but my parents are looking into it and it seems there is till a lot of radiation. It will either be temporary effects and leaves my body within 2 weeks... OR ATTACKS MY WHOLE SYSTEM AND THEN I GET CANCER WHEN IM 40.

I did get my other half of the princess mimi lens courtesy of GeoColouredLenses They are ridiculous. In a great way. They told me 10-21 days.. GOT EM IN LIKE 7. AWESOME <3

They also Featured me on there blog: [x]

Well, anyways That was brief.