April 25, 2012

Cute Dolly Eyes - Geo Angel [Advertorial]

These Lens were generously sponsored by Geocolouredlenses!

Brand: Geo
Power Range: 0.00~ -10.00
Diameter: 14.0mm
Water Content: 38~42%
Base Curve: 8.6 MM
Life: 1 Year or 4 months with Regular use 

Different angels so different skin tone... blah i hate that Natural Light.

GeoColouredLenses Provides free standard international shipping on any order up to 5 pairs, and free express international shipping on all orders of 6 pairs or more!

They have also provided me with a very generous 10% discount code! Use momodoki10 when you're checking out
-No expiry date
-No use limit 

Anime Pose! I did some colour editing so it looked more cartoon
Design:  LOVE! okay... so I've been wanting these for AGES so I might be a bit biased about it. If you're looking for a dolly effect go for these. Like, you cannot go wrong. At the same time, I think they can blend quite nicely on brown eyes for a natural dolly look. Its an amazing balance! I do think they suit darker eyes better. 

Comfort: Ridiculous. These are the first lens I've worn, ever. I seriously even forget I'm wearing them and I have SUPER sensitive eyes! First time I wore these, and any contact in general, I ended up wearing them for like 2 hours. They usually recommend doing like "training" and slowly increase the amount of time you can wear them but yeah. Just AMAZING and minimal amounts of initial blurry vision. 

Enlargement: They do enlarge my eyes! Because it's 14 mm its not that much and because of the dark outer ring I think it makes the enlargement a little less dramatic. The upside of that is you can wear them with minimal makeup and not look like an alien. 

Overall: I kind of love these.Dolly and natural, comfortable. In terms of lens I think they are a staple for any girl who follows or does gyaru styled makeup. I will add though, they might not look as good on someone who has lighter eyes. General opinion though not fact.
 not super zoom examples:


April 24, 2012

Circle Lens Preview

A few weeks ago after having an awesome day I was checking my phone and  I saw I'd gotten a new email.
I opened it and it was from GeoColouredLenses saying they'd like to sponsor me two pairs of lenses!
I was RIDICULOUSLY excited, FIRST SPONSOR, so we worked everything out. I then got the lenses on the 18th and had them fit on Friday.
Here's a preview of the lens.
So obviously it got a little bit banged up in the mail...
GeoColouredlenses was very nice and provided 2 lens case. The container also got a little beat up, but in theory its very good.
Princess Mimi Apple Green- The left lens is actually defective. It feels... scratchy, and then when I took them out my eye still felt off. GeoColouredlenses was so accommodating and are sending me a replacement! They were SO prompt with the E-Mails and friendly and helpful when I explained the situation!
Angel Brown

I will be able to review these tomorrow? Well, obviously not the Princess Mimi but, yeah! And hopefully an eye makeup tutorial this weekend!


April 12, 2012



April 11, 2012

Tutorial : Basic Face Makeup

So, I want to make some eye tutorials but then i thought, What about skin? I mean no matter how good your eye makeup is if your skin doesnt look good it wont be a 100% look.

This is a tutorial/walk through/guide of how i get my skin to look the way it does. I by NO means have perfect skin, it is quite acne prone and dry, plus old scars on my forehead and cheek. I totally sympathize and am in the same boat as those with bad skin troubles. I know how much it can take a toll on confidence and mood, when you look good you feel good! 

About the look: I LOVE the dewy glowing skin look, and not a big fan of matte skin. I like to use my makeup to create an illusion of a heart shaped face as well because i have a very heavy jaw line and filled in eyebrows for a very innocent appearance... LMAO i just fucking love big eyebrows.

 1. Obvious scars on my face, uneven colour, lots of redness, general derpyness. On my face in this picture is just moisturizer. I wasnt going out so i didnt use any Sunscreen but if i were id put it on in this step
2.  Any better? LOL NOPE, MAYBE JUST LIGHTING? Here i've primed my face. I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Yup. Olive oil, it helps moisturizer and keep my skin dewy/satiny and create a nice base for my foundation. Like i said above i have SUPER dry skin and this helps me A LOT. Trust me, i've used Lancome and Stila and neither create a finish like olive oil does for me.
 3. A little bit better? I use The Super BB Cream+ VIP Gold mixed with a little bit of Givenchy's Photo'Perfexion Fluid Foundation in Perfect Praline(05) for a base colour. The Givenchy+bb cream combo creates a perfect colour for me and its a very light sheer cover to begin with. Its important to layer makeup not put it all on at once.
4. Foundation! I use M.A.C Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation in NC 25. What i do is portion some out on my fingers warm it on them and then dab it on my face, then grab a stippling brush and blend it in. It is medium coverage and gel based so it looks quite light on the skin. You can get a higher coverage but then you get the "MAC skin" and i dont want that, i want dewy. 
 5. Concealer time! I put it under my eyes, around my nose, and any blemishes/scars. Under my eye i use a more salmon toned concealer for the bluish tint and slightly lighter. In the picture is Amazing cosmetics- Amazing Concealer in Medium Beige mixed with maybelline Mineral powder Concealer in Ivory. For the rest of my face i used Diorskin Nude Skin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer in 002 Beige. If i have some "heavy Duty" concealing to do i use MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC 30.. I have on clue why i didnt get 25. But, whatever it works. I like to apply concealer to my face with a concealing brush and then buff it out using Sephoras Mineral Powder Brush

6. I didnt show this but powder. I use Make Up For Ever's HD Microfinish Powder, applied with Sephoras Pro Powder Brush #50 using a very light hand. 

6. I have no clue why this photo is so blurry. But anyways, eyebrows. I love filling in my eyebrows thicker so i get a cute/ innocent look I use a combo of Eyebrow Pencil and Powder. For the pencil i use Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in Medium Ash/Medium Brown and Dolly Wink Chocolate Brown Eyebrow Powder. I bought the Pencil when i was a light brown ash but now that my hair is back to original colour its a bit light. Make sure that you dont block your eyebrows but softly create. Try and apply in the direction of the hair in small strokes.

7.  Nose contouring is very important!I dont really have much of a nose bridge but i have the Norwegian nose shape. It creates a very WEIRD shape so the outlined areas are where i contour. I use Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder for it but any skin tone-y brown will work.

8. Probably one of the most hideous pictures in the bunch for some reason. Here I'm highlighting. Around the eyes, inner corner, nose, forehead, and cupids bow. These are all areas i want to stand out and bring light to. I used Benefit Cosmetics High Beam, but i Also use TokiDoki's Powder Highlight on occasion

 9. Bronzer. As i Said above i have a pretty heavy jaw so i like to use bronzer to create fake shadows for a more feminine jaw line.  The Purple lines show where i place my bronzer. I like to apply it in small circular motions i feel it creates a more natural look.
10. Blush time. I like to Apply my blush in the purple area in a circular motion. I feel it gives my face a lift and gives elongates my face which is good because my face is square. 
 I generally use MAC Surf Baby! Limited Edition My Paradise Blush. 

AND YOURE DONE! Just Put on your eye makeup a small bit of Photoshop and youre done!
I hope this helps someone. I dont expect it to work for everyone but its what works for me. I would also like to appologize for the decline in photo quality. My camera was dying and so i was trying to just get the photo and turn it off as quick as i could. But it makes for ugly photos :/

This was good practice for me, I realize what i need to do better with next time. Good luck and feel free to ask question. I wont be able to do any updates during the weekend im going on a short vacation but i will come back with photos!


April 07, 2012

A day in LA

Last weekend my family decided its time to get a hair cut. All 4 of us. At the same time... Well, we have a family friend who is an AMAZING hair stylist, known to us as Uncle Phil, and lives in LA so off we went! The appointment was at 3:15 so we had time before that for lunch..

I don't think I've really brought up how much my family/me LOVES food.  So, we drove a little extra, and went to Arcadia to get dumplings! 

The restaurant we went to is called Din Tai Fung, and they specialize in Xiaolongbao or, juicy pork dumplings. They originated in Taiwan and expanded to Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the United States - in Arcadia, and Seattle, and Thailand and have won awards for their food, and in Hong Kong they have won 1 Michelin star at two different locations.  

We actually ended up having to wait about 45 minutes for a table. They were SUPER busy- Saturday lunch hour traffic so when we finally got seated we were all ravenous.

 This is the place setting. Super simple and clean. We had ordered so much that we ended up eating in about 3 different rotations of servings. 
 First Set: Spicy Wanton, Cucumber appetizer, Baby Bok Choy, Xiaolongbao, and Milk Tea! I kind of had to force myself to take this picture instead of just eating. My daddy who normally says dumplings don't do a whole lot for him, no big deal- really like these and say they are very flavorful.

Second Set: Bok Choy, Shanghai Rice Cake, Green Beans (my favorite), Cucumbers and milk tea. If you're wondering why so many greens, my dad was diagnosed with genetic arterial plaque so we have to keep a low fat low sugar diet which leaves just a lot of veggies and lean meats. 

So, I dont have pictures of the third set because we were running late to our appointment and it didnt seem in good taste to do such. Plus the table was getting kind of messy and so.... yeah. Anways, we also got dessert- taro dumplings and black sesame. SO GOOD! I love taro dumplings. Most the time they have them in a bao/bun but they were all out today. so sad. If you have a Din Tai Fung in your area go eat, and have no regrets.

We then drove back to Uncle Phils house. Yes, his house. He has a hair cutting area in his house but also works at a salon. We prefer to go to his house because its a lot more intimate and that way we can bring him food. He works so hard!! I only got a hair cut because it was getting long so no pictures of that either, but my sister bleached so lots of pictures! 

The walls look very bright but in reality they are extremely tasteful! So here is Uncle Phil and his lovely assistant (we decided id be her younger sister) and Mie. Her hair had grown so long plus she has very wavy hair so they both had to work on her at the same time.

My mama having her highlights set.

Her hair right after they washed out the bleach it looks so cool, reverse ombre! Shes so pale im so jealous! She draws a lot and is in costume design, with so many projects she rarely has time to go out, but her pale doesnt look unhealthy at all.
First time seeing it She was a bit unsure of the undertone but she really likes it now, all positive feedback from people who've seen it.
Up close shot!

After all this we went to my aunts house for dinner, no pictures because everyone was tired and there wasnt anything really interesting going on. But i did get to play a lot with my cousin. We went to fairy school together! 

Sorry for not updating in a while, lots going on at school- research paper and math tests. Hopefully I'll be able to have some pretty cool stuff coming up, reviews and obsessions, and a nice little vacation?