December 22, 2013

No. 2 Feline Flick - Gyaru makeup tutorial

The cutesy dolly gyaru style of Popteen/Egg will always hold a special place in my heart but sometimes you need to make your style a little bit more mature. I think this look is a good medium between kogyaru style and  more mature/traditional look

I always feel like a clean cat eye flick of the eyeliner will take your look from cute to mature and edgy, while still giving your eyes a nice accent. 

I tried a different tutorial layout, tell me what you think? I wanted it to feel like it was out of a magazine or something, and I also apologize about the colour inconsistency. My camera set up wasn't right because I forgot somethings at my apartment and I did this tutorial at my house. 

Here is a full sized version/every pore on my face:  [ C L I C K - M E ]

Step By Step:

1. Prime your eye and put down a neutral base all over your lid
2. Apply first colour to outter V and half way in your lash line
3.Go over the same area lightly with second colour and a little less on your lash line
4.Go over the same area with third colour and only the smallest area on your lash line
5.extend your liner past your natural eye shape and then flick it out
6.apply your favorite mascara and *only the center par of your lower lashes*
7.Apply top false eyelashes that are fuller on the ends
8.apply lower lashes connected the the lower lash mascara to make your eyes look bigger

Items Used:
1/ Canmake Highlighter No. 5
2/ MAC Soft Brown
3/ MAC Swiss Chocolate
4/ MAC Handwritten
5/ K-palette 1 Day tattoo water proof Liner
False Eyelashes:
Top: Anmiel Cute
Bottom: Diamond Princes Lash

Now for the rest of the photos

Love Always

September 28, 2013

No. 1 Everyday Gyaru - Makeup Tutorial

HI! It's been a while since I posted anything, so THIS is my peace offering. 
This is my very basic gyaru makeup tutorial, nothing overly complicated and i think its quite adaptable to many eye shapes :)

Best of luck

Nars Pro Prime
Step 1: Prime your lids, put in your circle lens, here im using Geo Starmish in Brown

 Maybelline Pallete: 05 Give Me Gold
 Step 2: Use a golden colour all over the lid and the outer half of your lower lid

 Maybellne Pallete: 05 Give me Gold
Step 3: In the outer V use a darker Brown  

MAC Gel liner in Black Track
Step 4: Highlight your inner Corner with a soft white, and using a black liner tightline your upper lid.

 Upper: Diamond Lash - Glamorous
Lower: Dolly Wink No. 5 Real Nude
Step 5: Apply your false Eyelashes 

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Waterproof Liquid Liner
Step 6: Use a Liquid Liner over your lsahes, and fill in the gaps.Elongate it and add a small flick at the end

Just an open eye picture for you to see what it looks like up close :)

and now for the finished result + shameless photoshopping LOL

This was definitely not the best tutorial ever but it was a good learning process. I hope to do better next time :)
I hope this makes up for the fact that I've been so MIA on my blog lah. 
I've always wanted to do a tutorial and so I' m glad! This inspires me to make more hehe
Let me know if there is anyway to improve layout, and/or makeup suggestions. I will probably make a separate post with all my outtakes 

so vain lah ^^;


May 26, 2013

Gratuitous Selfies

Ever since I returned from Italy I've had a renewed love of gyaru! I think its because for 4 months i didnt have access to my lashes or circle lens haha

So without further ado, my face:

I really like my hair like this, i think its super cute! it's been a while since i have done my full makeup but i feel like over all i did a good job. I'm wearing Geo Starmish Brown, courtesy of GeoColouredlenses
Speaking of which i need to get some new lenses soon! 

Just a few updates on life: Since coming back from Italy i found out that i gained 15 lbs 
> < 
I also found someone special while i was there, and I am now in my first ever relationship! Too bad she live in New York 

Also: i have something coming up soon! expect it in the next few day. I'm so sorry for the blog neglect as well > m <


April 20, 2013


So, about 3 weeks ago I went home from Italy for a week. I had spring vacation/Easter and my grandma was having some health problems..

While i was home i realized i wanted to change up my hair from purple so i dyed it BLUE

so much fun, i love it so much and im sorry this isnt like a real post or anything i just wanted an excuse to show my hair/make a post/SHOW MY FACE WITH NO EDITING 



March 07, 2013

Circle lens Obsession/Wishlist

When I left for Italy i left my small but growing collection of circle lenses home. I thought i wouldnt use them or that it would be impractical.. I didnt want to be too high maintenance but my roommates are so relaxed its a shame.
I also left my lashes ): and im in gyaru makeup mood right now so i'm just stalking gyaru makeup blogs and crying

 pictures coming soon from school/life :) its been a bit rainy and I am studying hard so it's difficult

BUT! before i left a particular lens caught my eye and in between my studying I've been STALKING these lens online so i decided to make a wishlist (or maybe just a  more updated/organized) one

Circle Lens
 Dueba Puffy 3 Tone - Green
Geo Nudy Gray
EOS MAX Pure Brown
Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate/Almond/Apple Green/Sesame Grey

Let me know what lens you are lusting over or maybe your favorites? i am always on the search for "the lens"


February 06, 2013

Weightloss - Before and After

I've mentioned on my blog a few times that i am particularly self conscious of my weight and that i was taking some steps to really try and change but as much as i talked i really had a hard time committing.

specifically : You Don't Have to Be Fat

It was when i changed schools around September that i really started thinking to myself, i want a change. I was no longer just alright with my body, i was upset. So i started making some dietary changes like cutting back on snacking and trying to cut out as much sugar as i could. 

Granted i still indulge like if someone offers me 200 grams (.5 lbs) of good chocolate that will be GONE in 10 minutes, or a bowl of ramen like once a month... but chips and soda on a regular basis was done for. I also would do work outs while i watched television and would try and go for a regular walk.

When i was accepted into the NYU florence program i told myself i wanted to be 122 lbs by the time i left (1/22 LOL) Now... this was unrealistic and i knew that but it gave me something to work for. 

So I'm here and i hit 129 lbs (58 kg) which i am beyond ecstatic for and today on Febuary 6th 2013 I took a body shot and i realize that it was pretty much exactly a year since the last body shot on my blogger so:

Photo #1- 5 ft 5 inches (165 cm)
142-145 lbs/ ~66 kg
Age: 18
Taken: Febuary 4th 2012
Photo #1 - 5 ft 5 inches (165 cm)
129 lbs/ 58 kg
Taken: Febuary 6th 2013

I consider my blog like a diary (with promotions and sponsors LOL) but i was so excited and proud + i still do get requests on what i eat and stuff so i had to share/brag/be excited for myself and post this


January 17, 2013

I am leaving 'MURICA

*Summary of Video*

If you are wondering where my popteen magazine scans are... well, they arent coming, and probably wont be for quite  a while. I am leaving in 5 days to go study abroad! 

I am leaving on the 22nd for a week of vacation and then 4 and a half months of school in Florence Italy :)

Now you might know from my previous blog entries that i had applied to this study abroad program before but didnt get accepted. Well last school semester i decided to reapply and i got in this time! but... FUCK! im so nervous now > <

Initially i wasnt too nervous or excited, but as its SO CLOSE NOW im freaking out... nearly started crying at the dinner table 

I have never done anything like this before, i have no clue how to be independent - hell, i dont even know how to do laundry...  
The longest i've been away from home is 10 days for a camp
Hopefully during my time abroad i can blog/vlog a lot. i really want to try and document my time and journey because i feel like this experience will really change me (i dont know why i just FEEL it in my bones) Hopefully i can also travel around to different parts of Europe while I'm there as well. 
I really want to go back to Paris, and check out London

Does anyone have some good advice for me? or studied abroad before? or wants to? comment!

-Bunny xx

January 10, 2013

My Resolutions:

Hello my darling readers! So it's been a while since i've made a real blog post, a lot of it is circle lens and popteen.  I didn't make this blog with that intention i want there to be more of my content.

The video above says everything but I will also summarize the video.

With the new year i discovered that I'm going to be turning twenty and i don't really feel like I've accomplished anything, nothing i can put my name too at least. So, i created 5 new years resolutions for myself: 

1. Post more quality on the internet with my blog and youtube but not be on facebook as much
2. Write down in a journal everyday, this that i was thankful for + smaller goals like good grades and things.
3. I want to have better initiative and follow through. I never want to regret NOT doing something
4. Tyical- HEALTH. I want to eat less sugar and fried foods and drink more water
5. Better with my money! I am SUPER good at spending my money but more and more i realize that I haven't been very responsible with it.

SO: Have you made any new years resolutions? or general life goals? comment below :) also, I'd really appreciate it if you could check out the video i made (above) i put a lot of hard work into it and i feel like you will probably get a better idea of my personality.


January 02, 2013

A New Start

I know that my youtube account isn't very popular on my blogger
i made a new youtube account and i hope you will visit and subscribe.

So far there are just repost videos but i will be updating with new content soon :)