October 28, 2012

Sick Sick Sick + BIRTHDAYYY

Lately I've been SUPPPER busy with school, and this is also why I havent been updating my blog as much  im not just lazy. 
This is my first time in 3 years that I've been a full time student with different classes. I am taking
-Mass Media and Society
-Biological Oceanography
-Music Appreciation

And, the past couple weeks i had projects and tests in ALL of them.
Midterm in Mass Media + Final Project Proposal
Bio. Ocean was a 12 minute presentation on shark migration
A quiz in Music
A french dialogue that i wasnt allowed to make a script for
I applied to a study abroad program.. Waiting to hear back is torture xD
 I was living on 3 shots of espresso a day and 4-6 hours of sleep. NO ONE LIKES A SLEEP DEPRIVED, CAFFEINATED, STRESSED STUDENT. I am definitely NOT used to dealing with this much school. 

Anyways there is a dorm that is used by most students at my school, and everyone got sick there. Because of my weakened immune system i caught the cold too :( 
It feels like half my school is sick right now...

I haven't really had the mental capacity to update lately with everything going on
But I do have some stuff (food post) to share :) i just need to get around to uploading the photos. 


I know that it will be a week of celebration, mostly because of celebrating with different parts of the family. Maybe I'll even do a birthday giveaway... ;)

November Popteen Scans though, are going up either tonight or tomorrow!


October 20, 2012

My eyes hide lies - Dueba Gossip [Advertorial]

These Lens were generously sponsored by EyeCandyLens!

Power Range: 0.00- -10. 00
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Life:  1 year depending on usage.  

At the beginning of September  EyeCandyLens contacted me for a review! I was a bit apprehensive because of some of the previous reviews i have read about the company, were not so good, but with the bad there were also good. 

I wasnt asked specifically to review the company but I cant ignore this, I had major E-Mailing problems with the EyeCandyLens. I had to follow up after the first week because they didn't get back to me, another time after that, even after those two messages they didn't quite answer my questions, I felt like I was bothering them,  and then i thought I was getting a certain pair of lens but they were out of stock so they sent me another pair (which was on my list!) but they didn't let me know. 

I continued with them anyways and I was quite happy with what i got :)

EyeCandyLens has SO many designs, from cosplay to natural for any look that you are going for, FREE shipping, and an awesome rewards program for those spend a certain amount and if you aren't sure about payment they accept both credit and debit through paypal.

If you do follow them on Twitter or Facebook you also get notifcations about specials and discounts. 

They sent out the lens on the 19th and i received them on the 29th. I had a lot more photos but once i looked at them on my computer i realized how BLUE they turned out :/




Okay, first of all I LOVE THEIR BOOKLET! I did get a lens fitting so I know how to care and put in my lenses but the illustrations were SO cute and informative!


Also I appreciated how they included a card for me to write down when i recieved the lens and when i should toss them. I always forget when i get them (AND HAVE TO LOOK BACK AT MY OLD REVIEWS LOL) 

 Inside Light


I think these lens are GORGEOUS! They are really flexible and dont dry my eyes out. I did have a problem with them centering on my eyes though. So quite often id get a case of my eyes looking like they are looking in two different directions. 
And especially with the lighter center, its noticeable. 

Design/Colour: Okay, I love the design. There is such a beautiful gradient and really makes your eyes POP! I adore the lighter center, but because they don't center on my eyes as well it makes it really noticeable At the same time look more or less natural. This design is perfect for the EMODA look!
5/5 -100%

Comfort: These lens are perfectly thin and flexible. I seriously forgot i was wearing them after a few minutes. I do have dry eyes so  After 5 hours I do have to put in eyedrops though. MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR LENS PROPERLY FIT WITH YOUR OPTICIAN
4/5 - 80%

Enlargement: I'm so used to wearing 15.00 mm at this point 14.5 seemed a bit small. I consider them more like 14.00. If you want a more natural look these would be perfect but i love having big dolly eyes so for me it was a bit small.
3.5/5 - 70%

Overall: I really like these lenses. I wear them when i want to just add a little drama to my eyes without being like BAM! FAKE EYES! Also i really like the colour. I would highly recommend these for those who prefer the natural look, and the dramatic.
~4/5- 83%

I had so much fun pretending to be an "edgy" model. My mom kept laughing at me.

Sorry for being so M.I.A > , <;