October 08, 2015

One month to get my life in order!

This post is definitely more for me! Its a little less than a month until I turn 22 and I want to get my life in order so when my birthday rolls around I can start fresh!

I have a series of to do lists, want to do lists, and work out list. I recently gained some weight and have been falling behind on my day to day things. I will be uploading my logs of how I did at the end of every week so you can keep track with me! 

I think it's important to re-evaluate life and what you want to do, and how to go about doing it. As of right now I think I need structure to continue moving forward SO I hope you will enjoy watching my progress over the next month <3

Also I have 2 circle lens I recently received from KLensPop, and I will be posting my morning skincare routine as well (all on the "to-do" lists hehe)

The comic is just how I feel about becoming an adult and responsible

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