December 30, 2010

First Post!

I'm very excited for this blog! I hope to improve it as it grows!

Name: Nikki Lani
Nickname : Hachiko, Akiko, Aki, Nikki, Momo, Peach
Age of Starting this blog: 17 
Birthday: November 5th
Favorite Colour: Green 
Race: Norwegian and Japanese, residing in the U.S.A
Enjoys: I love sweets! i eat to much though i will get fat!

A little about me: In real life I'm quite tomboyish and perverted, much like a guy. But, my real passion is girly things, frills, lace, light pink, Everything! It makes me very happy, and so I will use this to be my girly outlet!

I hope to Japanify the States, by sharing many things such as  my life, cosmetics, dreams, gyaru things, anime, manga, and many of my other interests!

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