June 24, 2012

Germany and Switzerland


So Day one was kind of boring. I ended up in the room for he better part of the morning and afternoon because my sister was sick and my parents were out getting my dad's new car. I didn't really comfortable walking around in a foreign city by myself when i don't speak a word of the language. Just sayin'

When my parents came back we went out and grabbed a cup of coffee and chocolates! They were SOO cute and tasty!

When i got back to the hotel I received my rejection letter… I had applied to a  summer and year program to Italy through NYU but got rejected.. My situation was complicated and they had to take it 3 level of bosses up to make the final decision. I'm still a bit sore about the outcome but there is always a reason!

ANYWAYS! i ugly cried for like 3 hours and the next morning i woke up with goldfish eyes. 

" uh... hey guys"


Thank god it was just another travel day and I could sleep/hide from the world. We drove from Stuttgart to Geneva with a lunch break in Zurich! I LOVE Zurich its such a lavish place. I had a nice little sandwich and ice cream for dessert. I'm lactose intolerant so it made the rest of the ride to Geneva not as fun but I REGRET NOTHING!!

You can kind of make out the alps in the back! SO COOL! and the weather was SO nice in Zurich.

The stop over in Zurich meant a lot to me and I wasnt quite sure of what to expect from Geneva...
TURNS OUT I LOVE IT THERE! ITS EVEN MORE EXTRAVAGANT! Everyone spoke French there but had a lot of warmth... and I didn't mind the expensive attractive men speaking French either...

So we stayed at the Four Seasons in Geneva and it was CRAZY beautiful. 

I mean this was just the welcoming area!! And all of the flowers were real and smelt SOOO good. We were super tired after about 5 hours of driving so we ate at the hotel's restaurant. And it did not disappoint

They brought out a taster of raw tuna in a sauce and duck 

  The Tuna is the spoons and the duck is on the small bread pieces. and oh my goddd, both items melted in your mouth.

Next brought out was my main dish - Fish!
Super tender and not "fishy" Very light not too much

We also got a few more extras and courses but it was so dark the photos didn't turn out.. all the while during this meal we were keeping some verrry interesting company....
 Mobsters and Russian Prostitutes.
Sad but makes for a good story.

So then we went to bed. That night I had 3 different dreams. 

1) I was an anime character and could change my attributes by tapping pictures of other characters and I was in love with a councilman. 

2) The next I had to fight Nicki Minaj to kiss my friend L (who I haven't talked to in ages). He decided that I kissed better than the other Nicki and then suddenly he couldn't talk anymore and started bouncing off the walls and i had to chase him.

3) I had discovered that there was a man who kept showing up in history starting in the 1600's and I had traced his path up until the 1920's and i was trying to find him.

The next day was Sunday and Geneva is highly religious so a lot of places were closed and it was raining. But we went for a walk anyways and it was SO nice. We walked for about 4 hours and during that time we went to 2 coffee shops. The first one was a small little cozy place and the second was classy and modern. They were very strict about photos and I wanted to respect that. 

When we got back to the hotel a cake had arrived for my Dad! It was his birthday! That evening we went out for Chinese food. It didnt really come close to LA but it was a fun experience... 

The next day we left for Paris, but I'll admit I LOVED GENEVA! And want to go back soon :)

-A Lavish Bunny


  1. Your vacation looks like so much fun!! All of the foods looked yummy ^^

  2. awww.. hope you're feeling a lot better now. :( sorry to hear about the rejection paper... I know that there will be a BETTER plan for you... oki? smile! :)

    Btw, love the photos.. wish I could go there someday.. *sigh* :)

  3. Wow, the last picture is awesome <3 Great you like it in Germany, I haven't been to the cities yet you visited. And I am sorry for the rejection paper and hope you feel a lot better now and cure your goldfish eyes (I really laughed about that pic xD") Get well soon! :)

  4. Thank you! all taken on my iphone! im quite impressed with it.
    And rejection letters are okay at least i know what i can improve on :)
    thank you so much!

  5. I Do thank you! :)
    and thanks! i took them on my iphone and most were an instagram filter xD go visit if you have the chance its very nice! love your blog btw :)

  6. looking back made me hungry for them all over again XD

  7. Petit Pain D'EpiceJune 30, 2012 at 9:55 AM

    Geneva is my Hometown ^__^ I live now in Tokyo and I miss it sooo much >0< Im soon going back there !

  8. whaa the chocolates on first pic looks so tasty!!

  9. i lol'ed at the gold fish pic, but i hope your eyes weren't as big as those.
    i enjoyed the food porn photos, theyre makin me hungry..


  10. They were delicious > . < i miss them!

  11. So jealous of both!! D8<
    i hope you enjoy being back home <3