July 18, 2012

Sex, Relationships, and Guys

This is my current man situation. pretty fucked to be honest - please subscribe!


  1. Hahaha, I feel like such a creeper but I'm smiling so much when I watch this video! I love your quirkiness!! I feel like you and I talk similarly in the way we pronounce things...and voice going up and down a bit too...Is that the SoCal accent?! Someone told me once I have a stronggg Socal accent but I wouldn't know since it's myself...But you is from Ventura County right? Moi aussi!!

    Oh, and I wouldn't do it by the way...Awesome night indeed, but I think Hottie with a Body is being inconsiderate...and personally I would feel used, but I'm also kinda conservative~~ There are many other hotties with bodies out there!!

  2. Hahaha I just want to create videos where people feel like its very personal! Thank you so much;;; Is it? i was a bit tired/silly when i filmed this so its a bit more dramatic than normal hahaha i don't hear it that much at all either
    Are you really? * A * i had no clue! I live in Ojai but went to high school in ventura and now am at Santa Barbara CC (orz;;; ) That was my resolve as well - I'll get hottie with a body V. 2 - Who is nicer, wants a relation and will give me a good night LOL;