September 06, 2012

A Week In Paris...

Before I start going into the details of my trip id like to say

I Love Paris
Anyways --

We drove to Paris from Geneva which was about 6 hours! And of course during that time we had to stop and use the bathroom... I HAVE SUCH DIFFICULTY WITH SQUATTING TOILETS. it was like a weird torture/exercise.

First thing we see driving in

When we first got into Paris I was in awe and horror at the driving! Especially because it changed so drastically from country side to City

Look at this little grandma! SHE DONT GIVE A FUCK! AND PARKS ON THE SIDEWALK. This would not pass in the States. at all hahah

After we got settled we called room service and just had a bite to eat. I had french onion soup... in France... So then right away we left to go watch the Barber of Seville!

It was quite funny and I was laughing the whole while. But no one else was! It's a comedy though so... But for the first act i had to force myself not to fall asleep. The Opera was in Italian with French subtitles and jet lag and i don't understand either languages. It was kind of a mess till intermission when i got a shot of espresso. After that I was awake and able to enjoy everything

The next day we walked ALL DAY! from 11 till 5!! CRAZY LAH!
We also did a LOT LOT LOT of tourist stuff. It started at the Arc De Triumph - which was a beautiful view.

And then for lunch we went to Pierre Hermé and got a macaroon lunch! not the healthiest... but definitely delicious

Honestly these are the best you can get in France. i tried other ones, it just doesnt compare....

Then we walked over the the Eiffel Tower but it was PACKED so we just enjoyed the architecture 

LIKE, THATS HOW BEAUTIFUL IT WAS. REAL TIME. i just cant get over it! This also really helped with the jetlag so after the tower we caught the metro back to the hotel. We were all craving our "normal flavors" - foods we eat normally - so my sister took us to a fantastic Vietnamese restaurant on the outskirts of town.

It was THE best pho/bo bun i've ever had! for like... 5 euro too! 

The next day we went shopping! I got some new awesome shoes, went to a pharmacy, got some new makeup and truffles. SOOOO French pharmacies are the most amazing thing known to makeup kind. Its like the holy place of skin care.

We even had time to stop by the LEGENDARY Angelinas :)

They are known very well for their hot chocolate. This stuff is seriously like drinking a bar of the smoothest semisweet chocolate you can imagine. I liked to order a shot of espresso and mix it with a half cup of hot chocolate, like the picture above. 
 I'm not sure if i've ever mentioned in this blog how much i LOVE truffles. I acquired a taste for them when I went to Italy, and France! has 3 truffle restaurants. They have all the food dedicated to truffles *swoon*. 
beef carpaccio with truffle oil, black truffle shavings, truffle salt, pine nuts, and parmesian.

risotto with cream and trufle sauce, with truffle oil and black truffle shavings

Day 7, I went to the natural history museum with my dad and mom. My sister has a hard time sleeping and decided to pass going and sleep in. She studied in france for about 6 months though so its not like she didnt know what she was missing ;)

It was incredible though. These great exhibits of man, nature, and animals. it was kind of surreal walking through the hall of extinction. It started raining just as we were leaving and took shelter in the rose garden. Now, i did have photos of this but it was raining and none of them turned out well enough for me to be happy with putting on my blog. 

Anyways it was lunch time and we stopped by the iconic, Le Deux Magots. It was absolutely stuffed from the people trying to avoid the rain so we took a spot on the porch area that is completely open to face the rain and to hopefully avoid the people hahaha

In France we had been taking the Metro EVVVERYWHERE, and everytime I would get seriously Ill. I get panic attacks when in small spaces or crowded + the lack of air circulation. but by Day 7 I was getting comfortable taking it as long as i didnt have to go through the deep tunnels.

The last couple days in France were pretty uneventful. We walked and shopped a lot.. and ate.. a lot. But I cannot deny how much this trip meant to me. 
Being in France really helped me realize that average is so much worse than average. Now this started off because pretty much everyone i saw there was GORGEOUS and stylish and i was like MERP! HI! but now im realizing it really applies to my life - dont accept doing average. 

Now that i've been back for QUITE a while i realize how much i enjoyed being in Paris and how i feel like i should push myself to be so much better always, and thats why I will be applying to study abroad there in the Spring.

It also helped me move away from Gyaru, and using Japan as my identity. I hid behind it to be cute and to be that nerdy girl, but now i just want to be badass and grow up a little. Japan/Gyaru will always be something i enjoy but i dont feel so dependent on hiding behind it anymore. I'm comfortable being outside of it. 

I had been planning on doing a weekly journal entry but honestly nothing quite impacted me like France and after this week I lost the same enthusiasm for taking photos of everything i was doing, and actually do them and enjoy them. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the first part of my trip, and gave you small glimpse into what i did :)


  1. "MERP! HI!" Lol, so cute! Hahaha~
    It sounds like France really touched you! Fingers crossed you get to study abroad there!
    And omg, that food is breathtaking. I can hardly breathe over here because I want it so bad. XD Boyfriend is putting me on a diet, lol....By the way, what to macaroons taste like? I've never had one! When you say "macaroon lunch", I'm thinking some of them have meat inside like steam buns XD

  2. Touched is an understatement. I DREAM OF PARIS! and being there and back in the fabric of the city. IM SO SORRY! I NEED YOUR BF. ILL SWITCH YOU PLACES I'VE BEEN SO BAD. IM EATING CRAP RIGHT NOW. Macaroons are very light and delicate sweet, almost like a Meringue. It has a light almond flavor, and then you can add additional flavors like vanilla, raspberry, macha, pretty much anything under the sun. They are the epitome of cute and girly :)

  3. Hi Sweetie your blog is really cute Paris Looks Georgeus~~

    Your photographs are amazing I´m following you


  4. Thanks so much :) Its appreciated <3

  5. J'adore! Make me really want to go to Paris now!!
    Love your blog :)

  6. thanks so much darling <3
    ITS SO GLORIOUS! if you have the funds/time to go id suggest it. Nothing like it