August 25, 2012

Scary Family Stories

So, this is about my family in Hawaii, better known as my Grandma’s side of the family and the past couple of weeks If you go back to 12 century Japan her family were swords makers - this is important. 

It is believed that swords makers are extremely spiritual beings because they worked with the elements and each sword has its own spirit and you have to bring it out of the sword and sculpt the materials to the sword. Everyone on her side of the family has some sort of higher awareness (if you dont believe thats cool but please dont make fun of me or my family for believing)

Anyways, my Uncle (Larry) just died. He was married to my Grandma’s sister who died 30 years ago. At the funeral his nurse told my Aunty Nobuko (her husband is my Grandma’s brother, his name is Jitsuo) that a few weeks ago he was saying,

Makuahine, carry me.”

Now, Uncle Larry’s mind wasnt at its sharpest (he was in his mid 90’s) and had recently fallen down and was on pain meds because he broke a few things.   Makuahine in Hawaiian means mother. His caretaker thought he was going into his childhood and reliving a memory of his mother.

My Aunty Nobuko told her no! Makuahine was for his wife, he called his mom by the Japanese word not Hawaiian. Now its a tradition in our family that  you call each other   by role not  name. So mom, dad, uncle, ect. He was calling out to his late wife.  My aunty Nobuko said that before Uncle Larrys Father-in-law died, he said the called out the same thing to his dead wife. 

It continues... My Grandma has always had a ridiculous intuition. It is SPOT on. A few days ago she had a vivid dream that uncle Jitsuo and Uncle Larry were at uncle Larrys house. They were younger, and he was inside, and calling out for my uncle Jitsuo to come in because it was so nice and warm…

My grandma’s vivid dreams are always symbolic. Last time she had a dream like this, i believe it was of my Aunty Lynko. She dreamed that they were happy and playing - at the time my aunt was fighting colon cancer. A few days later she passed away in her sleep. 

So do you have any similar stories in your family? To be honest this stuff scares me so bad! but it's very interesting.



  1. Wow! So to be honest I'm a LITTLE lost, but if I understand correctly...You must be scared for your Uncle Jitsuo!! Is that correct? Wow, that is really scary/cool at the same time! (Again, if I understood correctly...) I have nothing on that level for my family..

  2. It's kind of confusing over text.. But I didn't want to make it too wordy hahah. And yes! My family agreed tho that uncle jitsuo's wife (nobuko) wouldn't let him go that easily xD shed put up one hell of a fight.

  3. interesting, but not scared at all. :D I think all families should have any mysterious stories but with different story.