October 28, 2012

Sick Sick Sick + BIRTHDAYYY

Lately I've been SUPPPER busy with school, and this is also why I havent been updating my blog as much  im not just lazy. 
This is my first time in 3 years that I've been a full time student with different classes. I am taking
-Mass Media and Society
-Biological Oceanography
-Music Appreciation

And, the past couple weeks i had projects and tests in ALL of them.
Midterm in Mass Media + Final Project Proposal
Bio. Ocean was a 12 minute presentation on shark migration
A quiz in Music
A french dialogue that i wasnt allowed to make a script for
I applied to a study abroad program.. Waiting to hear back is torture xD
 I was living on 3 shots of espresso a day and 4-6 hours of sleep. NO ONE LIKES A SLEEP DEPRIVED, CAFFEINATED, STRESSED STUDENT. I am definitely NOT used to dealing with this much school. 

Anyways there is a dorm that is used by most students at my school, and everyone got sick there. Because of my weakened immune system i caught the cold too :( 
It feels like half my school is sick right now...

I haven't really had the mental capacity to update lately with everything going on
But I do have some stuff (food post) to share :) i just need to get around to uploading the photos. 


I know that it will be a week of celebration, mostly because of celebrating with different parts of the family. Maybe I'll even do a birthday giveaway... ;)

November Popteen Scans though, are going up either tonight or tomorrow!


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