November 09, 2012

My Stats

So here are my Blog stats. I have no clue why i am sharing them.. I think im just really excited/proud of my blog and i want to thank everyone who follows/comments/visists

I had no clue what to expect in terms of readership or posts i just wanted a place where i could write - almost like public diary. I know my writing isnt the best... but i enjoy it a lot! 
SO thank you for the 41,100 pageviews and i hope you guys continue to visit and enjoy my content :)



  1. Your writing is nice and interesting dear. We like common items. :)
    And exchanging blog links with us. Soooo there!

    Congrats on your pageview milestone.


  2. Wow, you literally have double the number of pageviews that I have x) Congrats!

  3. My comments are always not getting uploaded dear ... not sure ... maybe either going to spam or for approval. Anyway, congrats.

  4. I'm sorry dear my disqus and blog comment things are behaving weird and I don't know how to fix it :/ But I am getting them :)

  5. orly? i feel like you should have a lot! your blog is SO perfection.

  6. Congratz ....nice blog