November 28, 2012

Social Networking

Follow me and interact with me or something cool like that. Im fairly active on all of them.
 Also, GeoColouredlenses gave me the Starmish lenses in brown and black so get ready for a review soon :)

Here is a teaser photo 



  1. Cool new lenses Nikki. Good for you. :)

    I'd like to invite you to participate as well in my very first Blog giveaway (^_^)
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    Chai's December Birthday Bash - 1st Giveaway!
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  2. Just found your blog and I love how you do the magazine scans! You also look really good in falsies and circle lens - do you wear them everyday? :O Followed~

  3. thank you! it takes quite a bit of work actually > <

    I do NOT wear them everyday! i actually have a mild latex allergy so the false lashes are only for reviews and if im feeling fancy if i wear them too much, the place where the glue touches gets itchy and red and puffy ):
    my eyes are also dry so i cant wear lens everyday but i do enjoy wearing them on occasion thanks for the follow :)

  4. Ahh I'm sure, since there are so many pages :S
    Oh I see, I've got dry eyes too so I barely wear circle lens >.<
    No problem! Hope to see more from your lovely blog!