May 26, 2013

Gratuitous Selfies

Ever since I returned from Italy I've had a renewed love of gyaru! I think its because for 4 months i didnt have access to my lashes or circle lens haha

So without further ado, my face:

I really like my hair like this, i think its super cute! it's been a while since i have done my full makeup but i feel like over all i did a good job. I'm wearing Geo Starmish Brown, courtesy of GeoColouredlenses
Speaking of which i need to get some new lenses soon! 

Just a few updates on life: Since coming back from Italy i found out that i gained 15 lbs 
> < 
I also found someone special while i was there, and I am now in my first ever relationship! Too bad she live in New York 

Also: i have something coming up soon! expect it in the next few day. I'm so sorry for the blog neglect as well > m <



  1. woah I really love your lips! They have a beautiful shape!
    Your hair colors are awesome! I wish I could dye my hair whatever I want
    but unfortunately my parents won't allow me .. TwT
    You're a pretty gal!

  2. your hair is so cute with the two buns! ahhh hahaha. love it.

    xoxo Sarah

  3. Looove your hair colour! Good luck on your relationship, hope it's a long and happy one! ^__^

  4. wow really late reply but thank you so much :) i enjoy doing my hair this way

  5. thank you very much! so far so good hehe 8 months strong :)

  6. thank you so much im really self conscious about my lips i think they are very small and relatively thin lol
    I JUST DID IT TO MY HAIR MYSELF WITHOUT ASKING MY PARENTS they were quite startled hahha
    thank you very much :)