November 30, 2014

Momodoki x Beauty-Woo Giveway

Hi everybody! It's been AGES since I last made a post of anything really... So, I want to start off with a bang- A GIVEAWAY!

I have  a lovely friend Elle, she is also a blogger at the gorgeous Beauty Woo

She writes reviews, trends, unboxings, and pretty much anything you need to, want to, know about beauty. Shes super stylish and friendly, we are so similar its scary. We've teamed up to create a great giveaway for you.

Now her style is super chic and cool, and especially on my blog I try and be as cute as possible. So we have 2 options 

1. The Essential Skin Refreshers

It comes with:
The Face Shop eye mask to help get rid fine lines
The Face Shop Lip Mask
The Face Shop cosmetic glitter
and the holy grail, Smith's Rosebud Chapstick

When we went shopping for these items I was so excited for the cosmetic glitter and eye mask I bought some for myself too!

2. Gyaru Essentials You Need 

 Here we have

1 Day tattoo liquid eyeliner in black
My favorite pair of upper lashes Spring Heart from Koji
Dolly Wink's famous No. 5 Real Nude lower lashes, with Dolly Winks AMAZING lash Glue
1 Pearl Powder Mask from My Beauty Diary
1 Black Pearl Powder Mask from My Beauty Diary
Let me tell you, These are the items I ALWAYS buy when I see. They are my absolute favorite! 
I think the box contains 3 masks inside but I'm not positive. 

Here's how to enter:

 We will be having 2 winners and the winners will have 48 hours after being selected to contact us with which prize they'd like. Who ever contacts us first will get first pick


  1. I'm most interested in pack #2! Thanks for the giveaway! ^^ ( how do i follow on blogger? i followed on bloglovin, but i don't know if that's the same thing ><)

  2. Through Google Friend Connect :)

  3. wow this is so cool!
    i hope i win!

  4. I'm really into the gyaru essentials ♥

  5. i am into gyaru essentials

  6. Welcome back to the blogosphere! c: I really missed your posts~ T^T

    I would really appreciate the gyaru essentials pack! c:

  7. I'm most interested in the gyaru essentials pack! ^^

  8. done, thank you! c:

  9. Dolly wink is my dreeeeeam ♥
    nice post~