June 01, 2015

Bunny Eyes - LensPop [Advertorial]

These Lens were generously sponsored by KlensPop!
Brand: LensPOP
Diameter: 14mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Price: 15$ USD
Life: 1 year 

KlensPop has some of the best prices on the circle lens as well as a HUGE selection of circle lens! 

So a little bit about my experience with KlensPop before I get started in my review of the
KlensPop contacted me back in early April to sponsor me a pair of lens for reviewing purposes! I had a few questions before agreeing for them and they were very helpful and prompt in replying. If I emailed them in the evening I got a reply in the morning, and if I emailed them in the morning I got a reply in the evening. Very professional! 

Mid/late April we came to an agreement and I received my lens at the beginning of May. The delivery time for the lens was SO short! The longest its taken for me to receive lens is probably a month and this was a very pleasant surprise!

Unfortunately when i received them my family was going through a rough time and I was very busy with school and I had a hard time writing this review. They were very understanding even though I was not being very professional. 

In terms of customer service alone I HIGHLY recommend KlensPop! They are a great online company! With that: On to the review!

Design: This is very interesting colour, but a very simple design. Kind of similar to Geo Grang Grang but in a smaller diameter. It's very natural so if you're going for super dolly anime character this isn't for you. However I think the design is very flattering to the eye and gives a hint of colour

Comfort: When I first put these in they felt a little bit weird, but then they settled just fine. My eyes are very sensitive to lens unfortunately. I could wear them for a few hours but not as long as other lens. eye drops helped immensely!! 
Enlargement: As mentioned above: SUPER SUPER natural! It adds a nice pop to your eyes but its not dramatic at all.

Overall: If you want just a nice pair of circle lens that will accent your eyes in a natural way I would recommend these. They weren't AMAZING but they weren't awful. A little above average. However even though these weren't my favorite, i'd honestly highly suggest using KlensPop simply because of their amazing customer service alone.

On to photos of me wearing the lens all in outdoor lighting


Like I've mentioned throughout this review, even if these aren't the lens for you KlensPop was a super nice company to work with, and their customer service was amazing.


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  1. they look super cute on you! also your eyebrows are so on point