May 11, 2015

Life Updates - Stress and Sadness

I know I promised to post every other week and I've been falling behind. With good reason - I've had exams because it's finals week at school. Also, on a more personal level I had to say my last goodbye to my grandfather this week. His health hasn't been great and last night it took a turn for the worst. I know right now I don't have a huge following but I wanted to share. 

I use my blog for a variety of things, and a diary is one of those things. as this is a big thing happening in my life I wanted something to document this

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  1. I'm sorry that life is really stressful for you right now. :c
    I know how it feels when life gets too much; I don't mind waiting!
    Take a much needed break, and pamper your self a little! Take care of yourself!