February 17, 2012

What Have I Been Doing This Past Year..?

So, Ive been kind of neglecting this Blog a lot, so here is a master post of what Ive been doing, 

May 2011: PROM! I had such a nice time and was nominated for Senior Prom Queen. But I Didn't win.. again.. second year of loosing... /sob
I had to get ready for it in like.. 15 minutes because i had been out all day setting up prom and driving stuff back and forth. And here i was running late so super stressed!
 (Dress- Betsey Johnson, Beaded Bolero- Betsey Johnson)

I also Tried out during this time for Miyake Wong's Contest.. AND FAILED MISERABLY. Only a few of my friends voted for me,

I dont know who won, but she was probably super cute, and I'm just jealous.

And then I went to a Cancer Charity, hosted by Family friends. It was to raise funds to help women going through chemotherapy.  The Family lost their mom/wife to breast cancer so they want to help other who are struggling. So nice.

They brought in African Animals because the Dad and daughter went to climb Kilimanjaro Mountain and people could sponsor them per foot

 Super Cute right?
 The whole time it just relaxed and slept. Kind of disappointing but still cute and VERY soft

June 2011: GRADUATION! I graduated from my small independent studies high school. I had a bad time in high school till I went there. I made some AMAZING friends during the 2 and a half years I was there.
(Dress- Anthropologie)
From Left To Right: Wesley, Daniel, Lizzie, Me, Nathan

July 2011: Me and my Friends went to Anime Expo! So much fun, we went July 1st and 2nd. We managed to fit 5 people into one room with 2 queen beds. Daniel and Wesley shared a bed and Lizzie, Sammy and I shared one. Lizzie was sick and kept yelling at everyone because she was so tired. Sammy kept singing out of tune, Daniel didnt sleep much, Wesley night cuddled Daniel, and my 4 friends dealt with my skin care and makeup routine.. Such good friends.
Also During July I finally got fed up with looking so.. Heavy? Chubby? Bloated? so i started drinking more water, snacking less, and eating more healthy!
These two girls were in the prep area but i was like OH DEAR GOD! TOO GOOD! so i asked begged for a photo and they obliged!
I dont know who they are, if you know them lemme know so i can give them proper credit! My friend Daniel is photoboming in the back

(Kiki- Sammy, Mononoke- Lizzie, Totoro- Daniel )
This was the second Day of Anime Expo and we were just coming from a very nutritious meal and ran into these folks! I felt like the Japanese mom shoving everyone in a picture! It was kind of cool though soon we had a small Group of people taking photos but the Howls Group had to go!

I have no clue who the moving castle group is, if you do let me know so i can credit!

(Link- Joey Graceffa, Monoke- Lizzie)
Well you should know this. Its Joey Graceffa! Its his blue link zelda outfit! I feel like hes starring into my soul with this picture

At the time i had no clue who the fuck he was, just that he was beautiful and a good cosplayer! We kind of chased him down and then when he saw us pulled us (well Lizzie) and was like “TAKE A PICTURE! :D” and we were like THAT'S WHAT WE WANTED! SWELL!
Well, needless to say, he and his friend were very pretty and very nice!

This was some Lady at anime expos kid! and let me just say i am OBSESSED with him!
He is like the PERFECT sosuke oh my god, and so cute!
Apparently later on there was like a 3 year old Ponyo he was taking photos with. I'm so sad i didn't see it /forever regret

 So someone asked to take a photo of Lizze(mononoke), and wesley was her wolf bitch.and so i took a picture at the same time!
Lizzie As Mononoke, Wesley as the Wolf, Daniel photobombing and skulking in the back

The rest of July till November 2011: CAMWHORING! yay! so nothing really substantial happened except for me working on how to take photos of myself. I got a tumblr during this time and just kind of Overdosed on it.

 November 2011- I TURNED 18! For my birthday Me and my family flew up to San Fransisco! I also had to renew my Norwegian Passport (and I'm a Norwegian Citizen again!) and so for the extended weekend we went to little tokyo and ate good food. Also i bought my first Lolita combination!
 Cake They Gave me at the hotel! IT WAS SO GOOD!
So these are pretty much the major things that happened I had SO MUCH FUN the past year, and from this point on i hope to be more active on my blog... So there wont have to be any more master posts...

Right now I'm just really busy with school and stuff and tennis so hopefully during this time Ill just blog more... BUT IM GETTING SO TAN! HATE!


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