April 24, 2012

Circle Lens Preview

A few weeks ago after having an awesome day I was checking my phone and  I saw I'd gotten a new email.
I opened it and it was from GeoColouredLenses saying they'd like to sponsor me two pairs of lenses!
I was RIDICULOUSLY excited, FIRST SPONSOR, so we worked everything out. I then got the lenses on the 18th and had them fit on Friday.
Here's a preview of the lens.
So obviously it got a little bit banged up in the mail...
GeoColouredlenses was very nice and provided 2 lens case. The container also got a little beat up, but in theory its very good.
Princess Mimi Apple Green- The left lens is actually defective. It feels... scratchy, and then when I took them out my eye still felt off. GeoColouredlenses was so accommodating and are sending me a replacement! They were SO prompt with the E-Mails and friendly and helpful when I explained the situation!
Angel Brown

I will be able to review these tomorrow? Well, obviously not the Princess Mimi but, yeah! And hopefully an eye makeup tutorial this weekend!



  1. hey there I want to ask, how did you manage to get two pairs of contact lens

  2. that was part of sponsorship :)

    Very fortunate!

  3. Can you help me what can i do in getting sponsorship, too? i would like to do it as you^^

  4. Its cool that you want to get a sponsorship, but you have to work! and make blog posts! have content!
    I get contacted for them i don't contact them :)