April 07, 2012

A day in LA

Last weekend my family decided its time to get a hair cut. All 4 of us. At the same time... Well, we have a family friend who is an AMAZING hair stylist, known to us as Uncle Phil, and lives in LA so off we went! The appointment was at 3:15 so we had time before that for lunch..

I don't think I've really brought up how much my family/me LOVES food.  So, we drove a little extra, and went to Arcadia to get dumplings! 

The restaurant we went to is called Din Tai Fung, and they specialize in Xiaolongbao or, juicy pork dumplings. They originated in Taiwan and expanded to Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the United States - in Arcadia, and Seattle, and Thailand and have won awards for their food, and in Hong Kong they have won 1 Michelin star at two different locations.  

We actually ended up having to wait about 45 minutes for a table. They were SUPER busy- Saturday lunch hour traffic so when we finally got seated we were all ravenous.

 This is the place setting. Super simple and clean. We had ordered so much that we ended up eating in about 3 different rotations of servings. 
 First Set: Spicy Wanton, Cucumber appetizer, Baby Bok Choy, Xiaolongbao, and Milk Tea! I kind of had to force myself to take this picture instead of just eating. My daddy who normally says dumplings don't do a whole lot for him, no big deal- really like these and say they are very flavorful.

Second Set: Bok Choy, Shanghai Rice Cake, Green Beans (my favorite), Cucumbers and milk tea. If you're wondering why so many greens, my dad was diagnosed with genetic arterial plaque so we have to keep a low fat low sugar diet which leaves just a lot of veggies and lean meats. 

So, I dont have pictures of the third set because we were running late to our appointment and it didnt seem in good taste to do such. Plus the table was getting kind of messy and so.... yeah. Anways, we also got dessert- taro dumplings and black sesame. SO GOOD! I love taro dumplings. Most the time they have them in a bao/bun but they were all out today. so sad. If you have a Din Tai Fung in your area go eat, and have no regrets.

We then drove back to Uncle Phils house. Yes, his house. He has a hair cutting area in his house but also works at a salon. We prefer to go to his house because its a lot more intimate and that way we can bring him food. He works so hard!! I only got a hair cut because it was getting long so no pictures of that either, but my sister bleached so lots of pictures! 

The walls look very bright but in reality they are extremely tasteful! So here is Uncle Phil and his lovely assistant (we decided id be her younger sister) and Mie. Her hair had grown so long plus she has very wavy hair so they both had to work on her at the same time.

My mama having her highlights set.

Her hair right after they washed out the bleach it looks so cool, reverse ombre! Shes so pale im so jealous! She draws a lot and is in costume design, with so many projects she rarely has time to go out, but her pale doesnt look unhealthy at all.
First time seeing it She was a bit unsure of the undertone but she really likes it now, all positive feedback from people who've seen it.
Up close shot!

After all this we went to my aunts house for dinner, no pictures because everyone was tired and there wasnt anything really interesting going on. But i did get to play a lot with my cousin. We went to fairy school together! 

Sorry for not updating in a while, lots going on at school- research paper and math tests. Hopefully I'll be able to have some pretty cool stuff coming up, reviews and obsessions, and a nice little vacation? 


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