April 25, 2012

Cute Dolly Eyes - Geo Angel [Advertorial]

These Lens were generously sponsored by Geocolouredlenses!

Brand: Geo
Power Range: 0.00~ -10.00
Diameter: 14.0mm
Water Content: 38~42%
Base Curve: 8.6 MM
Life: 1 Year or 4 months with Regular use 

Different angels so different skin tone... blah i hate that Natural Light.

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-No expiry date
-No use limit 

Anime Pose! I did some colour editing so it looked more cartoon
Design:  LOVE! okay... so I've been wanting these for AGES so I might be a bit biased about it. If you're looking for a dolly effect go for these. Like, you cannot go wrong. At the same time, I think they can blend quite nicely on brown eyes for a natural dolly look. Its an amazing balance! I do think they suit darker eyes better. 

Comfort: Ridiculous. These are the first lens I've worn, ever. I seriously even forget I'm wearing them and I have SUPER sensitive eyes! First time I wore these, and any contact in general, I ended up wearing them for like 2 hours. They usually recommend doing like "training" and slowly increase the amount of time you can wear them but yeah. Just AMAZING and minimal amounts of initial blurry vision. 

Enlargement: They do enlarge my eyes! Because it's 14 mm its not that much and because of the dark outer ring I think it makes the enlargement a little less dramatic. The upside of that is you can wear them with minimal makeup and not look like an alien. 

Overall: I kind of love these.Dolly and natural, comfortable. In terms of lens I think they are a staple for any girl who follows or does gyaru styled makeup. I will add though, they might not look as good on someone who has lighter eyes. General opinion though not fact.
 not super zoom examples:



  1. The lens look very nice ^.^ and I love your hair with the light ends :)

  2. I remember these lenses were my first pair and most favorite pair as well! It looks lovely on you :D


  3. They look so natural! I love brown circle lens!

  4. Hi, new follower loving your blog!

  5. right? its amazing! i do too! brown and green for some reason :)

  6. Thank you! my gradient is fading now! i need to get it redone! haha
    thank you though!

  7. I love green too but not the too vibrant one:)

  8. OMG , I like your circle lens ^^ you're really pretty with that

  9. Thank you so much darling <3

  10. wow! really cute eyes *-* so big :3 a lovely blog