August 04, 2012

Warm Eyes - Geo Grang Grang [Advertorial]

These Lens were generously sponsored by GeoColouredlenses!

Brand: Geo
Power Range: 0.00~ -6.00
Diameter: 14.2mm and15.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Life: 3 months - 1 year depending on usage. 

GeoColouredLenses Provides free standard international shipping on any order up to 5 pairs, and free express international shipping on all orders of 6 pairs or more!

Like with all contacts you have to be very careful!
MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR LENS PROPERLY FIT WITH YOUR OPTICIAN Your eyes are sensitive and with circle lens, because they cover a bigger surface on your eye, you have a higher chance of getting an infection and/or temporary to permanent eye damage if you don't take care of your lens or don't have a quality brand. You have to use a a reliable lens online store,  because there are so many knock-offs that can damage your eyes.

Granted I haven't tried outside of Geo, but I trust it because it is CE, ISO and KFDA certified and it provides a number on the vial that you can go online and check with to make sure its a genuine lens. It is also the first brand to get FDA certification. SUPER IMPORTANT FOR THE UNITED STATES. 

GeoColouredLenses has created a great page going into detail of how the lenses are created. So you know and unerstand the lengths that Geo goes to, to create safe lenses for their users.  MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR LENS PROPERLY FIT WITH YOUR OPTICIAN

They have also provided me with a very generous 10% discount code! Use momodoki10 when you're checking out
-No expiry date
-No use limit
 As you can see I got these lens on May 29th. I ended up rushing the unpacking photos trying to take the photos before i went on vacation for a month. It didn't work out very well... Also -- One of the lens were defective, which isn't Geocolouredlenses fault at all. I contacted them and they provided a replacement lens right away. MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR LENS PROPERLY FIT WITH YOUR OPTICIAN

The box had been a bit beat up but the United States Postal Service isnt known for their flawless handling.. 

Design:  LOVEEE! It has such a seamless blend because of the pattern and the dark limbal ring is always flattering! They do make my eyes appear a bit darker though because of it. I DON'T MIND AT ALL! Most of my friends think circle lens are absolutely terrifying but even my most skeptical friends had to admit that these were quite nice. I would LOVE to try the lighter shade.
Comfort: They do have a slightly lower water content than my eyes are 100% comfortable with. I do have dry eyes so spacing out and starring off wasn't a good idea. Also no air conditioner. In terms of lens thickness they were about average I think. The curve of the lens though was perfect for my eye. MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR LENS PROPERLY FIT WITH YOUR OPTICIAN
Enlargement: Almost Alien? Because of the dark outer ring it and gradient its very freaky without makeup. But I love it ;)
For a 15 mm Diameter I think these are actually quite natural.
Overall: Favorite lens in terms of aesthetic. It gives my eyes that extra pop but not obvious IM WEARING LENS kind of thing. I only wish they had a higher water content! I dislike having to use eyedrops every 2-3 hours.
*4.6 but I rounded up

Okay, this last one is me just being silly. Unfortunately the new photos I took of an up close didn't turn out. So I'm reusing this one:


As a general statement, I'm not really doing "gyaru makeup" anymore. I'm moving on from that image. I'm ready to embrace growing up and I was using gyaru as a way for me to CLING to my childhood. The photo directly above is what i do now. more or less. I think its still kind of dolly but not "gyaru" 

Hope this review has informed you and helped your decision in your lens!

-A tired Bunny


  1. Wow, I love how they look on you! I agree, with the natural brown color and the subtle design, it's just enough to give you a really mysterious look in your eyes, without being outright jarring! Love it! :D I also love how you said MAKE SUUUUUREE IT FIIIITSSSSS!!!!!! a total of 5 times, haha! It works, I really want to make sure now! Did you actually go to your optometrist and have them check for you? :o
    Also, I love your passing comments about USPS! Ah, kind of sad to hear about the gyaru thing, but I'm doing a similar "clinging onto it" thing right now. But I'm still determined to do it to a satisfactory degree before I move on!! >:(

  2. Thank you thank you!I wanted to make sure girls stop wearing their lens without getting them fit and then they have eye troubles and circle lens get a bad rap. you know? I did actually go to my optometrist. just call and say you'd like to get your contact lens fit (not fitted for contacts) and that you already have them. It helped me know which lens were better fit for my eye and which ones werent! and damn USPS... I'm so glad it exists but its like "TREAT MY GOODS GOOD"

    I've been following gyaru for like 2 years though it wasnt till recently i started doing the style. And so that overlapped from high school. And i'm ready to move on from that time -- but it is fun every once in a while hahahah! GOOD LUCK, YOU CAN MASTER IT!

  3. one of my favorite lens from Geo! Look so good on you :D
    but mine was teared and broken, I cant use it anymore :(

  4. WOW those lens really bring the attention to your eyes! xx

  5. They do! But also natural I think:)
    Thank you for the comment!


  7. I wrote a comment some days ago~ I am so happy with my new Choco Circle Lenses ^^ they are gorgeous - aren't they *w*

  8. Cata De Los RiosJune 5, 2013 at 8:50 AM

    Hello! I want to ask you a question these are big grang grang geo or geo grang grand? are 15.0mm?