January 10, 2013

My Resolutions:

Hello my darling readers! So it's been a while since i've made a real blog post, a lot of it is circle lens and popteen.  I didn't make this blog with that intention i want there to be more of my content.

The video above says everything but I will also summarize the video.

With the new year i discovered that I'm going to be turning twenty and i don't really feel like I've accomplished anything, nothing i can put my name too at least. So, i created 5 new years resolutions for myself: 

1. Post more quality on the internet with my blog and youtube but not be on facebook as much
2. Write down in a journal everyday, this that i was thankful for + smaller goals like good grades and things.
3. I want to have better initiative and follow through. I never want to regret NOT doing something
4. Tyical- HEALTH. I want to eat less sugar and fried foods and drink more water
5. Better with my money! I am SUPER good at spending my money but more and more i realize that I haven't been very responsible with it.

SO: Have you made any new years resolutions? or general life goals? comment below :) also, I'd really appreciate it if you could check out the video i made (above) i put a lot of hard work into it and i feel like you will probably get a better idea of my personality.



  1. omg you're so cute and prettyyyy. Love your vid and you're really good at speaking. :) #1 reason i don't talk in my vids or show face..lol. I hate looking at myself on cam and speaking. I'm very repetitive and limited in vocab. I have horrible vocabulary. Anyways..great resolutions! My first would be sleeping earlier..I am horrible and sleep late and wake up early for work. 2 would be to draw more. In hs I used to be very creative and draw lots and just kind of fell out of it. I need to do that again. #3 I guess would be six pack! hahaha. Don't worry about your turning 20..you're still a spring chicken ;) You have lots of time. I'm turning 29 soon and it's not like I've made a name for myself, lol. Then again, don't be like me ;). I really like your post. Great resolutions

  2. OMG THANKS > < <3 i actually wrote a script this time so it helped me talk normally but i sound like a robot hahahaha. I had shot and edited a video before this one that i scrapped because i looked at myself too much xD
    Good luck on those resolutions! they are great! thank you darling, much love