February 18, 2015

Dior Star Skin Foundation Review

I am forever in search of the HOLY GRAIL foundation. The foundation that gives you flawless coverage, lightweight and that doll like, dewy skin perfection. I know that's A LOT to ask from a foundation but I think I've found it! or at least the closest I've come across. I've easily tried over 15 kinds of foundation and this one really stands out to me. 

Product Info

Brand: Dior
Name: Dior Star Fluid Foundation
SPF: 30
Amount: 30mL/1 oz
Price: $50 USD


I used No. 20 light beige. This is good for people who are slightly pale with a warm/yellow undertone. It does oxidize a little bit unfortunately. 

These were taken in natural lighting 


Now, I love this foundation I think it is lightweight and perfect coverage. I only use one layer and most of my imperfections are covered. 

So here is a comparison with the foundation. The pores on my nose are immediately erased, the pimple on my upper lip is hidden and the uneven skin tone/old scars on my cheeks are evened out. 

Now this is not a full coverage foundation. You can still see some scars poking through a little on my cheeks. I like this though, I feel like it gives a better-than-your-skin look while still being natural. I don't mind having imperfections. I just want to minimize them.

My only real problem with this foundation is that it doesn't stay on the skin for very long. I think the longest it lasts before it starts smudging or being rubbed off is ~5 hours. I also don't recommend this for people with oily skin.

I love this foundation though and with the steep price tag, I better! If you want to indulge yourself a little and buy a high end foundation I really recommend this one. They do have a wide variety of colours, though if you are super pale you might be out of luck, though their deeper skin tone range is pretty good I think. 

Have you tried this foundation? Have a foundation you want me to try? Have an AMAZING foundation you recommnend? Let me know in the comments please!! I am always in search of ~*The One*~ this foundation is great but I don't know if it's the ultimate one.

Rank: 9/10


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