February 23, 2015

I made Popin' Cookin' Mochi

Hey! So I know as a blogger I am one of the most IRREGULAR... but I'm making plans to change that!

I've decided that every other week I will post written posts on here, so twice a month. Anything more than that will be bonus. The other week when I don't post I will be making YouTube Videos 

Since last week I made a full blog post about the Dior Star Fluid Foundation this post is extra and, this week was YouTube. I made a video with my close friend Luke! We made the Kracie Kitchen, Poppin Cookin Odango / Mochi DIY kit. It was a lot of fun! I've made these candies before but not this kit. It was also kind of gross

I would really appreciate it if you checked out the video, commented, and subscribed! The content is  different than my blogger and I would really like to continue to share more about myself online, and different parts of myself.

As a little teaser for next weeks blog post I have some photos to share I will be reviewing the NEW Maybelline Poreless Foundation. I know I usually do higher end products, and I definitely associate high price with high quality but this foundation is quite good for a cheap price!

I didnt touch up my skin in these photos, and I took them after 6 hours of wear! Okay I hopefully I can stick to my schedule! 


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