March 18, 2015


Currently in school I'm taking a business class. One of my teachers clients is KlioTea. Kliotea is a Greek Mountain Tea and for those of you who don't know Greek Mountain Tea has some AMAZING health benefits with high levels of antioxidants and photo-neutrients.  You can order KlioTea online and it ships within 2-4 days with FREE SHIPPING

Check out KlioTea it's really good and I enjoy it! It is a very light tea  

This week I will be posting twice. This post was actually a class assignment so in a few days I will be posting a new circle lens review!

I will be reviewing the Geo Eyevelyn lens! I know I've been posting a lot of reviews and I do want to make more diverse posts. I just realized that the lens have a 30 day expiration date so I wanted to make sure I reviewed them in time!

I promise I will start posting content as well!


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