March 19, 2012

Liz Lisa Alternatives

I absolutely ADORE Liz Lisa style! Its so cute and youthful, but it's not that easy to get a hold of. I personally don't really enjoy shopping online for Japanese fashion. As much as I love the clothes, I'm not sure if I'm using a credible site, or if the size is right, or if it actually fits me well..

So, I try and find alternatives! Granted a lot of the detail is very specific to Liz Lisa and its hard to find the same thing so here are some similar alternatives. They aren't a PERFECT match but I felt they were close!

1)Lace Cuff Shorts

2) Brown ruffle Eyelet Skirt

3. Crochet Vest

4. Knit Sweater- During the winter H&M also had one almost IDENTICAL to the Liz Lisa one, maybe find it in the sale area?
I love the bows down the front!
5. Mint Pleat Skirt
I actually own the Zara Skirt in Black and its super cute and flattering!

6. Box Pleat Skirt
 This does come in white the just didn't have a preview.
Also, I remember a couple season ago Liz Lisa was SUPER big on Denim-y/cotton Skirts and I found:

I know there is a Liz Lisa equivalent It's just not in the current selection.

I love the Liz Lisa style and I hope there will be more of a crossover. The details and options is just something the U.S, in my opinion, lacks. There are a lot of Gyaru styles at Forever21 Which is GREAT, but the quality of the clothes is pretty bad, extremely flimsy.. But its cheap and a good option if you want or need it!

I will continue searching for gyaru styles at different stores and hopefully be able to share!


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