March 18, 2012

Summer Plans, School In Japan?

So, I applied for a Summer School in Japan. It's a 6 week intensive language class and I'm SUPER NERVOUS! I hear back from the program in April and till that point I will be on edge. 

Previously I've taken 2  years of Japanese, One high school, one college- which puts me at the equivalent of Japanese 4 High school roughly... but It's been about 3 years since my last class and I thought I remembered a lot of it but the last chapters of my book I'm like

BUT I'M SO ANXIOUS! I really really want to be a part of this program, but I'm sure many other people do too!.. probably more qualified people too.. So it makes me think, how will I stick out?... no point stressing about it now though I suppose, applications already in right?
Lol i totally didnt mean to but i ended up reading the page

Also the line up for the summer is stressful. RIGHT after school gets out I'm flying out to Colorado for my cousins wedding for a week, then I'm coming home for a few days then flying out to Europe where I will be driving around for a month with my family.. the longest driving time is 8 hours. 8 HOURS!! then come home for 5 days, then Japan. MY BODY IS GOING TO BE SO OFF! Colorado is +1, Europe is +9 then Japan is +15...

Well hopefully it will go well, and in but I don't want to get my hopes up, just in case...Happy studying guys, going back to school this week


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