March 25, 2012

Tea For Twins

On Saturday (3/24) there was a surprise birthday party for my friends Sammy and Maddie. They are to very precious twins who were turning 16! One of their friends put it on and invited their friends and family! It was held at the Clocktower Inn, in Ventura. They both had no clue, which was part of the fun and Maddie took it quite well... Sammy kind of went into a confused shock... 

Dress: Nordstroms Shoes: Via Spiga
Admire my strong tennis tan lines 
 also my makeup for the day

On to the party...

 This was the Tea area

And outside there was this Alice in Wonderland Theme going on, SUPER cute

  And now obligatory food

Surprisingly extremely candid shot of my friend Wesley with tea

 Half way through Lizzie and Wesley decided to make a monument out of the snacks... Everyone appreciated them touching all of the bites.

And lastly, the cakes. They were pretty darn good! Extremely fluffy and both of them suited the two perfectly.

 Red Velvet Cake

Chocolate Cake

And so when it was time to eat the cake...
Sammy decided it would be a brilliant idea to put the fondant Hat on... 

Overall, the party was very cute and fun, I'll admit I wasnt being SUPER sociable, but.. I'm not used to being around people.. or parties.. or being outside... It was a perfect day though and everyone was so nice and it was just glorious. Abrupt Ending.


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