March 24, 2012

Math Teacher VS Math Students

I, like many people deal with the evils of math on a regular basis. I used to HATE math with the burning passion of a thousand stars, but I actually discovered I don't hate math... I HATE MATH TEACHERS!!

I feel like there is a certain type of person who is attracted to teaching math, the i-know-what-im-doing-but-i-cant-teach-it kind of person. Granted there are a few exceptions, for example I had one math teacher who was RIDICULOUSLY amazing. He could make up equations on the spot, stayed completely on schedule, and made us have fun and engaged. Im pretty sure EVERYONE in his class passed with at LEAST a C.

This brings me to my current math teach her. I LOATHE HER! She has no interest in the class, it is a part time job for her, while she also teaches at a private Christian school - Oh yeah, during our test she decided the best choice of literature was the Bible. Unfortunately because of a bad High School experiences I'm quite adverse to religion, especially anything relating back to the Bible. 

This teacher, Mrs. B, is unable to properly teach us anything, only vomit back up what the book says. Whats the point of being in class!? its the EXACT same in the book, and even then she still is making mistakes. She also talks in a monotone the whole time, and she always says, "and what is the 11th commandment...? Thou shall not divide by zero" 

People might think I'm exaggerating or being extremely critical just because I don't appreciate her bringing religion in or what not, but no. I'm not. The first test we took there were 4 A's and 12 F's, just to give a spread. I actually got a 95% on that test and I was stoked! But, I couldn't help but think, "12 F's?.. That's quite a lot..."

So when we started on the next chapter, I'll admit I slacked off a bit, like leaving at the break. But because she ISN'T a good teacher i thought, well whatever right? One kid (technically adult.. but your at community college.. in my opinion anyone who's attends and doesn't have a degree is a kid) actually got up in the middle of class and left while muttering, "I could teach myself better than this" So on March 8th we took our second test. I spent the whole night before and day of CRAMMING. And so when I got the test and looked down i was like..

I KNEW NOTHING!! People were finishing so fast I thought, "I must really not be getting it or they didn't get it either" So I turned in as much as I could and left. I got back the test today (March 20th) and I bombed, but I knew I had bombed.. 57% F. So I asked, what was the spread of grades? One A. One. and that was through extra credit, otherwise it would have been a B. Between two classes there was ONE A. The rest were two B's 3 C's 5 D's and 15 F's. 

So now my question is, is this a reflection of the students or teacher? I know I did slack off but i also know the people who didn't and attended everyday who got a B on their first test and got an F on this test. Also, what about reading the Bible during a test? She didn't read it aloud but is it appropriate? I hate this teacher but at the same time i know i won't always have great teachers and that's something I've got to learn to work with, but COME ON LADY! TEACH ME ALREADY! I'M WAITING!


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