March 12, 2012

Cupcakes, Butterflies, and Shameless Pictures

A few weeks ago I went with my mama to Santa Barbara, we had to run some errands.
As we were walking by a store we noticed a ceiling fixture...

SO PRETTY RIGHT? They were a bunch of plastic cut out butterflies!

I would LOVE to have one, but the fixture I wanted was 100$ USD.. So, instead I took pictures of it. Good thing I brought my camera with me!

We also had to pick up cupcakes for my cousins bridal party. She and I were in charge of picking the cupcakes!We bought these from CrushCakes. If you watch the Food Network, they competed in the show Cupcake Wars. They came in second place on the redemption episode.

Top Left to Right: Chocolate Bliss, Peanut Butter Cup, Buttermilk Crumb
Bottom Left To Right: Cookies 'n Cream, Coconut, Chocolate Chocolate

Top Left To right:"CrushCake" red velvet, Vanilla, Peace Cake 
Bottom Left to Right: Lemon Drop, Black and White, Srawberry Blush

Pretty, but so dull! okay, I am definitely judgmental when it comes to sweets,  but the flavor was just okay, exception was the vanilla bean frosting and the cocoa, not particularly moist, and too much super sweet frosting..

I feel like I can make better from like a Pillsbury box of cake mix.. But on the upside I loved the presentation.

And lastly... The look of the day. When I came home i was super excited about my makeup, so I made a cappuccino and took pictures of myself... and my elephant.

If youre wondering those are dolly wink lashes, number 2 Sweet Girly
I love cappuccinos

 The elephant is so cute, it has a bell inside of it so when you cuddle it, it jingles.

Dolly wink Lashes Number 2 Sweet Girly, and Lower Lash 6 Baby Cute, Dolly Wink, Country Retro Eyeshadow.

okay, one silly one.. sorry;;;

Its spring break right now for my school so hopefully I will update more.