May 02, 2012

Small Update + BRB

Hey guys! So just a quick little thing, 

About a month ago I signed up for a website (bloggers). Its a sign up basis and free and it helps categorize and sort your blog and help when people are searching.

Well I was featured as the Editors Pick of the Day! Awesome MAX! Didnt expect it at all! Especially because I've only been signed up for a month or so. Now people are adding me like crazy. ON THERE.. Also, I got way more congrats than page views.. but WHATEVER..

To be honest I'm very grateful I just found this observation quite funny.

In other news: BRB! Till May 15th. School finals and I  want to make sure I pass my classes! I'm not doing as well as I'd like in Math (80%) and so I'm going to really settle down and focus. 

I will still try and make some posts but they will be less diligent.. And probably more pure text and ranting.. at odd hours.. cramming math homework into my brain. 

ALSO: I'm still debating going to Japan this summer. I REALLY want to go but my parents are looking into it and it seems there is till a lot of radiation. It will either be temporary effects and leaves my body within 2 weeks... OR ATTACKS MY WHOLE SYSTEM AND THEN I GET CANCER WHEN IM 40.

I did get my other half of the princess mimi lens courtesy of GeoColouredLenses They are ridiculous. In a great way. They told me 10-21 days.. GOT EM IN LIKE 7. AWESOME <3

They also Featured me on there blog: [x]

Well, anyways That was brief. 


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  1. That' s great. You should be so proud i guess.

    From Paris with love!
    Les jolies.