May 11, 2012

Day 2 in Palo Alto

For Day One: [x]

So the second day I had the day pretty much all to myself....

To be honest I laid in bed and read. For like 8 hours. At one point i did go out to meet up with my parents for lunch/coffee. If anyone is wondering I am half Japanese and Half Norwegian. I got this awesome picture of my Daddy's eye at the coffee shop

I wish i had gotten his blue eyes. Mainly because it'd be such a unique combination. 1 in 4 chance?

And then I went exploring a little. I had been planning at lounging at the pool most the time but it wasnt quite right.... I think because there had been a rain and thunder storm the night before?

Regardless I took photos because it was such a photogenic place.

Seems straight out of an ad or something right?

Well then we went to a Japanese restaurant. We were dining with my cousins and their father. To be fair they arent my first cousin - they are cousins from my Islander Japanese side. Everyone is cousin.
Prepare yourself for food porn

Not quite sure what this was.. a blend of stuff- it was offered to us and the in the cup was bonito drink thing. not my deal but tasty enough.

 SASHIMIIIIII! oh my god. MELT IN YOUR MOUTH. After there was this mushroom rice but photo was blurry.

 Pallet cleanser! It was REALLY good. Finely grated ice with yuzu. YUM

 This was the main dish. I'll admit it wasnt my favorite. Good but not like OH MY GOD. The met was actually really thin and rolled up and i just didnt get it.

Dessert! This was Sakura Mochi with sweet Bean paste and Matcha/green tea. so The mochi was actually savory and you eat it with the bean paste. it was surprisingly good and the mochi was handmade that day so super gooey and perfect. the tea was ridiculously strong. it turned my mouth temporarily green actually!

This looks like regular chocolate right? ACTUALLY! its Tofu chocolate! sounds gross in my opinion but it was RIDICULOUSLY creamy and very full flavor but not like like too rich. PERFECT way to end the meal.

OHHHH MY GOD. I want to live there. It was SO GOOD. like.... this was AUTHENTIC Japanese food.

So i have no more photos to share, but ill briefly describe what i did on the third and fourth day. On the third day my cousin and his wife invited to drive me into San Fransisco for the day.

There was the cherry blossom festival and it was so cool. Afterwords they let me go to Baby the Stars Shine Bright. My eyes were ALLLL sparkly hahaha We then went to the mall thing? I bought some cute stuffed animals.
*iphone pic*

and then we went to Yank Sin. Okay, if any of you go to the Bay area. go there. It has amazing service and dim sum. I wasnt even hungry but I ATE yo.

Then we went for a walk to digest and go back home. Then i kind of had a melt down not gonna lie. I got really stubborn and tired and cried and it was just hideous. kind of embarrassed of that. on the fourth day we just went home

To be honest it was the PERFECT trip to just unwind and take a break before school started again. My only regret: NOT ENOUGH CAKE.



  1. After reading this post, I think I'm full..LOL Great blog by the way! :) <3


  2. hahah right? it was SO good - but took about 4 hours to eat!
    thank you so much <3