May 14, 2012

General Stress

Today in the mail I got a running a red light ticket in the mail.
It will be 480 bucks - hopefully i can get a reduction by going to the hearing for the case.
I dont have enough money to cover it right now so i have to work odd jobs which is cool but it seems i wont have much spending money for when im in japan now. FUCK.

I also have my math final exam tomorrow. I need at least an 88% or better to pass the class with a B. It is worrying me. A lot. Like 200 Grams of chocolate worrying... or 1160 Calories worth or worry.... 

I shouldnt have been stubborn and i should have changed math classes when i had the chance. I shouldnt have tried to make the yellow/red light. I was rushing to get to a class i didnt know had been canceled. 

Feeling mildly puke-y now, though not sure if its from the chocolate, stress, or both.

C'est La Vie right?  仕方がない.. Hindsight 20/20 all i can do is learn from this. And try and earn/save my money. And create a nest egg for the future. 


-A stressed out bunny


  1. i hope you're doing well after all :-( good luck on your math exam <3

  2. Yes! Its going much better now thank you :)
    I'm feeling much more confident about the test and have done all I can

  3. yes but it will get better! thank you for the sympathy