May 10, 2012

Day One in Palo Alto

So like...  3 weeks ago I went up to Palo Alto/Silicon Valley/San Fransisco for the weekend! and because I'm a lazy blogger/school I'm only getting around to blogging about it now. Actually when I found out about my acceptance into the Japan Program was my first evening there!

I was good about pictures for the first two days and then I stopped. I didn't want my experience to be hindered by living behind the lens! I also felt bad about imposing on my family by taking like a million and a half photos though the insisted they didn't mind....The hotel We stayed at was the 4 Seasons. It was beauitful.. though just off the freeway.

The first night we ate at this AMAZING Vietnamese restaurant- Tamarine

The  flavors were SO clear and unique but at the same time they blended beautifully. It was truly a food experience.

The only unfortunate part were these two men sitting next to us. They were business men who had too much to drink and trying to one up each other. All the while not talking with each other but to each other. how they were flirting with the hot intern at work though they were married. Let me tell you, those girls werent flirting they were trying to tell them bugger off creep...

At one point it almost got to much and i wanted to walk over and tell them to act like self respecting adult men, stop drinking, go home and love their wives and daughters because quite honestly they will be the best thing to ever happen to those fucker. They will never surpass the amount of glory they had in High school and should stop acting like horny idiots and behave like Men. Angry...

The highlight of the meal was definitely the chocolate lava cake. like. OH MY GOD.

I definitely went home and just CRASHED after this full meal. 


  1. ginger is not my thing... is ginger beer nice?

  2. It was surprisingly nice!
    im not normally a fan of ginger things too but i really liked this drink. in small amounts :)

  3. woaw! looks amazing! :D