May 12, 2012

Circle Lens : Outtake

So I almost always end up taking way more photos than I actually use. Especially for like makeup/review stuff. I get bored taking photos of just the same thing so I try and go all... artistic?

So these are the photos I don't use but take and like. I hope you enjoy my shameless camwhoring.

 Obvious edit is obvious. Okay so I doubled the layer here and desaturated and put to multiply.

Well yeah.. I'm cool. meh. All lens provided by Geocolouredlenses.

Geo Princes Mimi Apple Green Review

Geo Angel Brown Review



  1. Whaaaa you..stunned me!  I really2 love your eye make up! mind to make a tutorial post? XD~~~ thank u thank u <3

    p.s: thanks for your comment on my blog ^^ I have a blog on naver and I just feel like to post the uljjang make up tutorial on blogspot xD tehee..

  2. Thank you, im trying to get one done but i just dont have the time! xD

  3. In your 'edit' photo, you have the most beautiful collar bones! I know that's probably weird, but they look so feminine! You're gorgeous :)

  4. Thank you so much! I love collarbones so I know what you mean :)

  5. You have the prettiest eyes! Puts my blog to shame!

  6. thank you :) AND THAT IS A DAMN LIE!

  7. Wow, you are GORGEOUS. And your eyes are so pretty! *u* I followed you, I wish you could check my blog out too! :)


  8. Thanks so much <3 I actually have already! haha
    i was SO jealous of your girly chip lenses they are near impossible to find for me in the states :)
    you are also a fantastic mix of cute and pretty <3