May 21, 2012

Saturday Busy!

So Saturday I was SO busy running around! Why? Well, my baby cousin graduating, hair cut, and then meeting up with friends visiting from Norway.

So it was my baby cousins graduation

She does Hula and she was kind of "inducted into the family." It was a very cute and hour long ceremony. Not bad at ALL!

BUT I HAD TO WAKE UP AT 6:45 IN THE MORNING. owch!! An hour for makeup (vaiiiinnnnnn) And then an hour and a half drive to Los Angeles Area. And I've been so busy busting my ass to make grades my sleeping schedule is ALL out off. So i got 3 hours of sleep that night.

I slept the whole car drive haha and then the ceremony was really hot. They had a potluck after and the food might have been good when it was set up but it had been out for an hour and so it was.. just.. sad. But the fruit was good so that's what i did!

Jello From the potluck
We had about 2 hours to kill before the hair appointment so my parents indulged me and took me to Little Tokyo so i could buy my false lashes...


I peeped my head inside of the store MAKE ASOBI. They have a lot of really cool cosmetics and skin care from Japan, such as the Cure Aqua Peeling Gel!... AND OH MY GOD!!!

THEY HAD ALL OF CANDY DOLL!!!!! I went crazy... *prepare for reviews in the future* I've never seen candy doll sold in the United States in store! They had all of Tsubasa's Lipglosses, Blushes, Highlighters, Powders, Foundation, Base, and I'm fairly certain they had concealer too.

And the shop workers were SO friendly <3

And then i went to Maneko Neko (next to Sanrio) has Tsubasa's Eyebrow stuff and new lashes. FOR CHEAP MAN! Dolly wink Lashes were 15 Dollars. SO NICE!!!

Then we went to Demitasse, a lovely little coffee shop.

THEY PUT SO MUCH EFFORT INTO EACH CUP! PRESENTATION IS AWESOME. And all the guys working there are SUPER stylish and friendly and it was just awesome. AMAZING coffee and beautiful experience.


I've decided to grow my hair out again... TO DYE PASTEL PURPLE/LILAC LATER! ;D

And then we went to Katsuya in Santa Monica. I have no pictures because the lighting was dim and....

I was surrounded by 3 Norwegian bombshells. They were so polite and sharing their food and like oh im so full!... WHILE I WAS SHOVING DOWN FOOD. They shared a banana crepe.. WHILE I ATE A CHOCOLATE CAKE BY MYSELF. LMAO;;; I EVEN SHARED!

And super fit, dainty features, super friendly, tinkering laughs, clear voices... I felt so barbaric and fat compared to them lmao...

It was an awesome day though :) and they invited me out to see them this summer when I'm in Norway!... SEE WHAT I MEAN ABOUT SUPER FRIENDLY? HOW THE FUCK DO THEY DO IT?



  1. Your baby cousin is so adorable!!! Congratulations to her for graduating ^-^

    The coffee looks so good~~ I am craving for some now.


  2. awee your baby cousin is really really cute~!!! want to pinch her cheeks <33

  3. Omg you lucky duck! It is /so/ hard to Japanese cosmetics in the US!

    I was planning on buying the cure peeling gel offline (and you know, having it shipped to SF for a bajillion dollars) but I have family in LA, so I can pick some up when I visit! I had no idea. You saved me money, haha. <3

    Also, I think you'd look great with pastel hair. I used to dye my hair every color in the book and the looks/compliments were fun!


  4.  hahaha ITS SO MUCH FUN TO DO THAT! i will try and take a picture of it. its precious

  5. It so is right?  I got so excited i talked like 20x faster, louder, and higher hahahaha

    Im so glad i could help :) thank you so much im excited for the hair <3

  6.  she really is! she can kind of annoy me..a lot. but i never doubt that she is adorable hahaha

    Coffee is good and should always be enjoyed/had :)