May 04, 2012

The Apple of my Eye - Geo Princess Mimi [Advertorial]


These Lens were generously sponsored by Geocolouredlenses!

Geo Princess Mimi - Apple Green WMM-303 

Brand: Geo
Power Range: 0.00~ -8.00
Diameter: 15.0mm
Water Content: 38~42%
Base Curve: 8.7 MM
Life: 1 Year or 4 months with Regular use

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-No expiry date
-No use limit 

Bad indoor lighting sorry!

I had actually had these lens about a 2 weeks prior to writing this but one of the lens was defective, it felt like it was scratching my eye and it felt sensitive even after i took it out.. The Princess Mimi Collection is known to have quite a lot of defects (not Geocolouredlenses fault at all) and i contacted them. They were SO helpful and kind thought and immediately sent out a replacement. I received it about 3 days before they said.

Design:  Quite Beautiful to me! I've been wearing these the past couple of days and its just like - i look in the mirror and am so happy! SUPER DOLL! Some people though think its kind of creepy in person- people not used to circle lens look.  I love the gradient and the limbal ring! Though it looks spiky SUPER up close i don't think it looks as obvious in person.

Comfort: I Forgot i was wearing them with in 5 minutes. I was a little apprehensive because i had had a defective lens at first and wasnt 100% with wearing contacts still. But once I used the new lens and im now used to lens- SO GOOD! I have VERY dry eyes and I wore these for 6 hours without needing eye drops completely unaware of them till the 30 minutes end of 6 hours. 

Enlargement: Almost Alien? Because of the dark outer ring it makes it seem smaller than the lens but i think its a nice balance because it is 15 mm. I probably wouldn't suggest these though without makeup.

Overall:My go to lens currently of my 2 sets. I LOOOOVE love love love the gradient and the blending. The pigment of the lens is beautiful and not SUPER obvious in natural light but definitely there. I now want the whole princess mimi set. seriously- these are amazing. I think the only downside is this collection has been known for having defects in the lens.


 Hope this has either entertained, or informed/helped you!



  1. Adorable! Although I'd say you're quite lucky to have light brown eyes-- they blend really well!

  2. Those lenses look super cute on you ≧∇≦ ! 
    Also,what lashes are you wearing? They're really cool.

  3. Thank you so much! the top lash is Pa - good lashes but awkwardly thick band but last for like 3 months.

    and lower is dolly wink no. 14 natural cute!

  4. Aa! Those look fantastic on your eyes! They're so pretty~